Vacation Photography Tips

Vacation Photography Tips Vacation photos are the most fun. You get to spend time with people you enjoy b…
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  1. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Yes, big difference.

  2. Cynthia Winward says:

    I am going to Belgium in a month and want to take my d7000 everywhere we go, hopefully with just my 18-200 VRII lens. At the end of the video you mentioned using your 24-70 and 70-200 lens in Vegas. Is there a difference between my “all in one” lens and the two you chose? Love your videos. Super helpful!

  3. HijabulousTV says:

    Here you kinda remind me of Andy from According to Jim! Hehe cute!

  4. Anthony Le says:

    The colors in the Flower Garden are so beautiful

  5. imjustlivin says:

    16:30… BEAUTIFUL!

  6. imjustlivin says:

    That leading line at 15:40 is GREAT! Really draws you into the mountain.

  7. BMJJR says:

    I really enjoyed your video…..thanks!!!

  8. memkills says:

    why not do a panorama ? lol

  9. SilentEcho8 says:

    The funny thing for me is I can bring everything and not be inconvenienced at all, lol. I don’t even have a Black Rapid strap, it’s super frustrating

  10. Gregory Cazillo says:

    then come back and watch it again and again until it all sinks in!

  11. Jepraw says:

    WOW… TY Greg, this is too much info for us 🙂

  12. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Here you go youtube .com/watch?v=dSbHbHYUF7Q

  13. parkthefrog says:

    @gregorycazillo thanks!!

  14. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Not at all, you have your opinion and I have mine. I wanted to take the equipment, you don’t. I also had other photos in mind that warranted the equipment.

  15. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Here you go youtube .com/watch?v=dSbHbHYUF7Q

  16. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Here you go youtube .com/watch?v=dSbHbHYUF7Q

  17. bushwicusa2001 says:

    hey man g did i say something wrong my bad if my response was not taken well

  18. argmax11 says:

    Greg you should show us the edits of some of these 

  19. Gregory Cazillo says:

    To each his own…

  20. Gregory Cazillo says:

    The 14-24 is a great lens but I usually recommend the Nikkor 17-55 f2.8 for a DX body. Great quality and a little more flexible for a DX shooter.

  21. Mas7erChief117 says:

    its been proved many times to be false…

  22. Adam Verwold says:

    hey Greg would you reccomend the 14-24mm for a dx body. I mainly like to shoot landscapes. I see all kinds of reviews saying that the 14-24 cannot be beat on sharpness, and that’s what I’m looking for is tac sharp images. My only concern is the lack of normal filters on the 14-24.

  23. parkthefrog says:

    Hi Greg, thanks for the video. Your sky on the landscape photos look so so blue, almost too blue almost. How did you end up with this sky, using graduated filters in lightroom? (hint hint quick 2 min video hint hint?) 🙂 thx

  24. pixelcomet says:

    watch?v=gR6KVYJ73AU But this is not the place to discuss this. 🙂

  25. Mas7erChief117 says:

    its a contrail, not chemtrail

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