Family Photography : How to Photograph at Night

Photographing at night requires changing the settings on your camera for a wider aperture and a longer exposure. Take nighttime photographs properly with hel…
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  1. Simo Chioukh says:

    I love you :)

  2. Manuel Fallah says:

    if the higher Iso brig more noice how come you saying keep play with your chnage iso from 800 to 1600,?
    anyway thanks for your video

  3. Mark37251 says:

    Damn she’s pretty. Anyway thanks for the tips :3

  4. QUACPhotography says:

    here is the rest:

    The higher the ISO, ASA, etc… the more grain or noise the lower the less and the less sensitive it is. ISO stands for International Standards Organization, ASA stands for American Standards Association, and DIN however I cannot remember but it is German.

  5. QUACPhotography says:

    aperture- is a set of blades inside your lens that open and close together and control how much light hits your film or sensor, it also controls depth of field of your image. ISO, ASA, or DIN is film or how sensitive you sensor is to light entering through your lens.

  6. Carlos Feliciano says:

    Aperture is the space through the light passes into the lens. A large aperture (small number like f/2.8) will let in more light and a small aperture (f/16) will let in less light. ISO is how sensitive the sensor in your camera is to the light exposed to it. 100 ISO is not as sensitive as 1600 ISO but the higher the ISO, the more noise your picture will have. 😀

  7. Andrew Logan says:

    shes yummy

  8. AF0093 says:

    what does aperture and ISo mean in photograph sence?

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