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GH4 Shutter speed in Slow Motion 5000 FPS – SlowMo pour les nOObs

GH4 Shutter speed in Ultra Slow Motion 5000 FPS Shot on Phantom Miro LC320S @ 5000 fps

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Macro Photography Fundamentals

Macro photography is about detail. A macro photograph is a close up, often of a day-to-day object, which offers a new perspective.

Popular macro photographs are those of insects or flowers. The image of a butterfly or a tiny orchid, magnified many times to fill a regular 6″x4″ print or a PC screen, reveals a host of new details. Such pictures often give what we might call a ‘bugs eye’ view on the world, and it looks like a very different place.

While the best quality macro photographs are from the professionals, there’s nothing to stop most camera owners from having a go at macro photography. The majority of compact digital cameras now have a macro mode, allowing good quality close-ups to be taken.

Specialist macro lenses exist for SLR cameras, allowing very detailed photographs. These also have the shallow depth of field required for macro pictures. However, even without a macro lens it’s possible, with imagination, to create macro photographs.

The key is to find the right subject, the right angle and, of course, the right lighting. Think of what you’re trying to achieve with the picture. Then try to get as close as possible, given the limitation of the lens or the camera. If you’ve got a zoom facility, make the most of it. This will create minor image distortion, because that’s what zoom lenses do, but it won’t dramatically affect the shot.

Consider what will make an interesting macro picture. It’s amazing how simple, every day objects can become eye-catching and interesting when photographed close-up. Basic foodstuffs such as pasta or beans can be intriguing, because we don’t normally see them at images in their own right. They’re normally just the stuff of life, and to make them the subject of a macro photo transforms them.

The key to successful macro photography is experimentation. Fortunately the digital age allows us to shoot hundreds of photos at no expense. So if you’re interested in macro photography the best thing to do is get out there and give it a go.

Andrew Micheals is a freelance writer and photographer. Why not learn more about macro photography?

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