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Greg du Toit on the 49th Annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition

Greg du Toit was the overall winner of the 49th Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition with his image Essence of Elephants. Since first picking up a ca…

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Canon 5D MkII – Using Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Manual Modes

This channel is in support of the Photography In 1-2-3 eBook series. The channel is the boring “how to” of some aspects of photography. If you have specific …
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5 Awesome Apple iPhone 6 Plus Photography Accessories

5 Awesome Apple iPhone 6 Plus Photography Accessories
They hold the meter up in front of their subject to find out what settings the photographer should use on their camera. The Luxi For All ($ 21.95 pre-order available this month) light meter comes with a dome over the front facing camera. The companion …
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Diwali lights, camera, but no action? Photography enthusiasts enrol for
Somya Agarwal, a post graduate student at Awadh College too is learning the nitty-gritty of Diwali photography. "Diwali is the biggest and the brightest festival in India, which gives a photography enthusiast like me so many options to try my hand at …
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How to Turn Off Twist to Camera on the Moto X 2014
There are a few different ways to turn off what Motorola calls quick capture, but the easiest and most direct way into to open the app Motorola has moved all of its custom settings to. This app is called Moto and is installed on every single Moto X …
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Shutter Speed & Photography Examples

Shutter Speed & Photography Examples Lets have a look at how shutter-speed can make or break images – starting with my movement images f…

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Nikon D40x at Max Shutter Speed

Subscribe for more interesting videos. I’m not a fan on nikons first camera to offer the crazy on screen data.
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