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Photo Walk in NY Tomorrow!

Big thanks to everyone who had a chance to come and join us at the Fstoppers + PL event last night – it is always great to meet our friends and readers! Now it is time to meet for another event, which will take place tomorrow at the Central Park in New York. John and I we will be hosting a photo walk, which everyone is welcome to join! The weather is supposed to be really nice and we thought it would be a good opportunity to do some photography, talk about photography and finally sit down at a dinner table and share some meals. It will also be a good opportunity to review your photos and provide some feedback, because we are here to help our fellow photographers. It will be a great event and we would like to invite everyone to participate!

We will be meeting at the USS Maine Memorial on the southwest side of Central Park (Columbus Circle) at 3 PM on 10/24/2016. Please plan ahead and arrive promptly, so that we don’t have to wait for too long – we will leave the area at 3:15 PM sharp. Here is the map of where we will be meeting:

See you guys soon! Don’t forget to bring your top 10 photographs. A couple of participants did that for last night and we were psyched to see such great talent. John and I would love to check out your work!

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Throwback Thursday: Eddie Tapp & Molly by Judy Host

The year is 2008 and Eddie Tapp and Judy Host came for a visit when I was living in California. Judy captured this image of Eddie with Molly and later sent it to me. It was the perfect memory from a great visit.

While the last thing some people want is a kiss from a dog, every now and then Molly the Wonder Dog latches on to somebody special, and it was Eddie all the way. I loved the shot so much, I had a wall in my place back then, that just had Molly shots and this is one of my favorites.

Molly turned eleven this year on Labor Day, and just like watching your kids grow up, I can’t figure out where the years went. She’s still a diehard “tennis player.”  She’s still chasing rabbits, both when she’s outside and often in her sleep, and she still follows me everywhere.

On a trip to the vet recently I was told she’s got the energy of a three year old, and I was asked what was the secret. So, for all you with pups, here it is…Lots of love, a sprint down the sidewalk every morning and no people food – with one exception. She loves a McDonald’s cheeseburger – just plain, and gets one every couple of months. LOL

A few weeks ago I shared a “Why?” with Judy Host. It’s a great little sound-byte. You’ll also find one with an old favorite image of Eddie’s. Hard to believe there’s that much talent in one family!

Happy Throwback Thursday! Don’t forget to use one of your own images in your blog today and remind your target audience of the importance of capturing memories!

SkipCohenUniversity – SCU Blog

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October 22nd: Saturday Sharefest

Happy Saturday, SITS-tah’s! The candy and non-candy treats are purchased, costumes are made (I ended up buying an Elena of Avalor costume on Etsy from an AMAZING seller!), and decorations are up. Now we just have to wait for Halloween to get here! While we wait, I’m ready to read everything you guys have been […]

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The SITS Girls

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Tiberius [misc.] Canvas Gallery Wrap 27×18 Photo On Canvas

Tiberius [misc.] Canvas Gallery Wrap 27×18 Photo On Canvas

Tiberius [Misc.]” is an art print by Gjon Mili from The Life Picture Collection. Get photo prints of “Tiberius [Misc.]” in a variety of frames, styles, and materials. Photographer Bio Emigrating to the United States from Albania in 1923, Gjon Mili is regarded as the first photographer to use electronic flash and stroboscopic light to create photographs outside of a scientific context. A true pioneer of the artform, Mili’s photographs of dancers, athletes, and pictures or performances have shaped our understanding of how movement too rapid or too complex for the eye to discern is captured in the still image. Mili’s career as a photographer for Life Magazine spanned four decades and saw the publication of thousands of his photographs, taking him around the world; from collaborations with Pablo Picasso, to the incarceration of Adolph Eichmann, to original photos from Broadway plays. The Life Picture Collection From one of the most iconic magazines ever to hit the shelves comes The Life Collection – an archive of some of the most recognizable imagery of the 20th Century. Documenting events in politics, culture, celebrity, the arts and the American experience, these compelling and provocative photographs include the works of some of the greatest photographers capturing some of the greatest moments in history.

Price: $
Sold by by Getty Images

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Behind the Scenes with Sherry Hagerman

Images copyright Sherry Hagerman. All rights reserved.
by Skip Cohen

​Now and then an image comes along with a story so detailed and compelling it deserves to be shared. The images and the video in this post are by Sherry Hagerman of Allusion Photography.  She’s a perfect example of what I love most about our industry – the friendships.

I met Sherry when she came to the first Skip’s Summer School in 2009. She attended every one after that, through 2013. She’s a passionate artist with an unstoppable quest for pushing the limits of her creativity. From classes to online education to virtually anytime she can learn something new, she rarely if ever slows down. Over the years Sherry and her husband Jeremy have become great friends and the four of us are always squeezing in dinner together at a convention some place on the planet.

We caught up to Sherry this week here in Florida and spent a couple of days hanging out with her. Good friends have a habit of asking each other a simple question, “What’s new?”  Well, watch the video below, and you’ll see how Sherry answered me.

It’s not just the images from her “dark art” side that are remarkable but a few other aspects of this project I want to point out.
  1. The core of Sherry’s business is wedding photography. She’s one of the very best in the Chicago area and gets accolades from The Knot every year. She’s gotten best of the Knot for at least nine years in a row. Sherry loves projects that push her creative boundaries and allow her to work her magic in front of the camera without any restrictions.
  2. If you’re going to tackle any special project you’ve got to have a vision and then a drive that protects your investment of time. Sherry never does anything halfway, and you’ll see the proof of this as she drags her crew, props, and her gear through a swamp that goes well into the night.
  3. You have to understand the craft to capture stunning images. Sherry kept the technology relatively simple regarding the technical process. Because she’s spent a good portion of her life learning the rules of photography, she could also break them whenever the result added to the power of the image.
  4. Great images and projects are sometimes a family affair. You’ll see her husband Jeremy in the swamp along with both their sons. The whole family got involved in working hard to create these images and turn “The Evil Queen” into reality.
  5. Sherry wasn’t paid to create this image. Canon asked her to test drive one of their cameras, and she agreed.  Again, this is Sherry’s “giving-back” gene that always kicks in when somebody asks for her help.

Oops – almost forgot the biggest reason to share these images and the behind the scenes video here – this entire process redefines the meaning of passion. I know it’s a word, so many of you think is abused when we talk about artists we respect, but there isn’t a better word. And, as you watch the video keep in mind the hours this crew spent working to create some amazing images!

Sheila and I couldn’t be more proud to consider Sherry and Jeremy good friends. Like I said in the beginning, it’s one of the best traits of being in this industry – the friendships that come out of everyone’s love for the craft!

SkipCohenUniversity – SCU Blog

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