Outdoor Photography Tips

Use these tips to improve your outdoor photography skills then get out on public lands and send us your best shots! You can email them to blm_or_photos@blm.g…
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  1. BLMOREGON says:

    Thanks! Most non-SLR or “point and shoot” cameras have a macro setting (usually denoted by a flower) that will give you decent macro shots. If you want to get really close in on a subject though (insect eye facets, etc.) you will need an SLR, or you can get a macro lens for smartphones too. I don’t recommend macro adapters though because they usually have bad optics and poor focusing ability. Thanks again for the comment and don’t forget we want to see your photos taken on public lands.

  2. Code9aa says:

    Great advice. I love your pictures! I am interested more in macro photography, like the detail of things. Questions:
    1) What is your advice for a good camera and type of lens for macro photography?
    2) Would a non SLR digital 16-18 pixel camera be good for macro pictures?
    Thank You!!

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