The Basics of Photography : How to Blur the Background With a Digital SLR

Blurring the background with a digital SLR, or single-lens reflex camera, is a function of depth of field and can be done by switching to a manual or automat…

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  1. Norman Butler says:

    Aperture, 1/2 is larger than 1/4 which is larger than 1/16. So f22 is smaller than f2.8. Take the largest size opening in your camera lens and reduce the hole size by 22 times and you have f22 (sq2), reduce it by 8 times and you have f8 so each time you reduce or increase the size of the opening by one f stop you double or half its value. It’s not simpools but just remember it is in fractions of the largest opening. A lot of people get confused for good reason.

  2. shadowmaster799 says:

    The Nikon Coolpix 120 is a digital SLR ?

  3. Nicholas Schreck says:

    How do I do this with a high def video cam? I want to do this while taking video.

  4. Andy Valdez says:

    Hey Anthony great tips thanks, I was wondering maybe you could help? Do you know of any online programs that I could purchase to learn more about photography? I picked up the hobby and I’ve really enjoyed it and I’d like to learn more, maybe you know a few good websites???

  5. IBrokeYourLegs says:

    thanks a lot, man! Helped a bunch 🙂

  6. tangkag879 says:

    all will work

  7. joey casilla says:

    got my nikon d3000 with 18-55mm lens vr, can i do this effect with it, does it affects what lens ur using, im newbie about photography,, please advise, thanks!

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