Low Light Photography – 1 Minute with Willy Ep 28 – Photography Tips

http://bananamana.com/photography-classes-by-willy-foo-o466-en.html Willy Foo, Singapore photographer, uses the Panasonic Lumix GF1, in the Seychelles Island…

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  10. BananaManaTV says:

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  11. Photographer Overnight says:

    You can really tell a professional from an amateur just by looking at their photography taken in low-lighting. Anyone can shoot in broad daylight with a low-budget camera and lens, but it takes a true expert to take a good picture in low-lighting conditions.

  12. Willy Foo says:

    Just get a 50mm F1.8 for less than S$200. That will immediately give you a 2 stop (4 times) increase in light. That means you can have 2 stops lower ISO as well to reduce the noise.

  13. mustapha DAOUDI says:

    Good … I have a Nikon D3000 kit with 18-55mm 3.5/6.F … Do u think it’s enough for a low light photo ? I try, but too much noise … Any help ?

  14. ty18kim says:

    윌리흉아가 바나나마나에서 짱인듯…
    제일 쉽고 간단하게 설명하는것은 재주가 아니라 재능.
    Willy simply rocks!

  15. Arya Jannovic says:

    cute tips…

  16. tillasmax says:

    Great video keep up the good work.

  17. BananaManaTV says:

    Thanks for your comment. We really appreciate it:)

  18. nikhilsrl says:

    good stuff man

  19. amirborhani says:

    yeah lols

  20. Carlos11220 says:

    if he makes it any longer, it’ll beat the point of the title “1 Minute with Willy”

  21. amirborhani says:

    very good videos but could you make it longer

  22. dagrome says:

    very short and to the point, i like it. great vid man

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