Product Photography Lighting How-To

Product photography and studio lighting how-to video. When shooting products, going beyond the “product on white” or “product on black” lighting setups can b…
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15 Responses to Product Photography Lighting How-To

  1. Farouk Cherchali says:

    Nice video thank you!

  2. mayur prajapati says:

    very nice…. 🙂

  3. polanskiman says:

    Beautifully and succinctly explained.

  4. veiledswan says:

    Nice job! How can you be certain the dog wouldn’t work… did you try it?

  5. shanwen88 says:

    Excellent tutorial!

  6. Bart Zoni says:

    Thank you for your kind remarks. A light tent is nice, but there is a world of lighting and style out there to explore!

  7. calpitoc says:

    Leica Boss, like a boss.

  8. BravoCharlieTV says:

    Excellent video, thank you for .. all of it! 🙂

  9. Photographer Overnight says:

    Photography is such a beautiful form of art. Great video.

  10. Bart Zoni says:

    I wish you the best of luck!

  11. global001 says:

    This is absolutely brilliant! Very stylish & classy. Thanks for walking me through. I’m doing a product shoot today and you’ve helped me immensely! The first tut video I’ve found where you’re using actual studio strobes instead of normal lights & a light tent.

  12. Pierre Ekman says:

    Perfect. Thanks, really helpful.

  13. Bart Zoni says:

    You are very welcome!

  14. Zach Gomez says:

    excellent tutorial, thank you for this!

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