Ten Product Photography Tips

This 10 product photography tips, things you should be doing. Hopefully the tips will help you in your product photography, this is basic stuff and there is …
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24 Responses to Ten Product Photography Tips

  1. smick.co.uk says:

    Our video Ten product photography tips has now made 50,000 views.


  2. tasty2choc says:

    lol, love how you talk! and thanks for the video!

  3. Tirdfish says:

    Excellent tips, thanks.

  4. Product Photo Canada says:

    Nice tips! I really appreciate the techniques that are you using. This is
    very helpful. Keep it up!

  5. Jhoven Diaz says:

    what is the proper lens opening on this kind of shooting???

  6. Linda Joyce says:

    Will you please make a video on how to photograph white on white using a
    light cube…. The product will need to be laid in the bottom of the cube.
    Can it be done?

  7. bmnftw1 says:

    do i need a camera too?!

  8. Q Carson says:

    What type of light bulbs are you using? They look very bright.

  9. Kris Lewis says:

    those sound effects between tips are way too loud

  10. Ty Hag says:

    A few products tips for better pictures. :-)

  11. Bappa Bayjed says:

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  12. indiebrands says:

    Nice tips, thanks a lot.

  13. Eddy Forero says:

    I can t stop laughing at the transitions . they are simply funny. 

  14. Samir Maharjan says:

    nice video (Y)

  15. Michael Anthony says:

    I’m just starting out and found this video to be helpful. Great tips. Loved
    the transitions. The first loud one made me jump, lol. Too funny. 

  16. A.W. Stegmeyer says:

    short, sweet, nice job except for the transitions with ripping sound.

  17. Lana M. says:

    Thanks for the tips! :)

  18. SASSY WiTCH says:

    Thank you for your tips

  19. Fran Campanian says:

    This helped me out a lot. I just got a new light tent and lights and
    downloaded Lightroom for a 30 day trial!

  20. Rasa Pakalkiene says:

    Thank you for a good lesson

  21. lovetomarket says:


  22. scottyc15 says:

    i have a canon EOS 1100D a light cube and lights. every time i try and
    take a photo even though the cube is bright i get a yellowish background?
    any advice on how to get rid of this? I’m new to product photography.

  23. Wolfgang Mairinger says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  24. Wilson Ubiramar dos Santos says:

    Dear Mr. Smickcouk.
    Sorry by the nickname…I see dear are doing a very important job helping
    many people in the ground of lightning photography, one of the most
    misunderstand able subject on taking cameras images and it sets.
    I`m very pleasant in appreciate your work aiming to use your experience to
    advise those who are news in this area. Congratulations Mr. Smickcouk

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