Bridge Camera or DSLR?

People who want to up their game in photography means they have to upgrade their camera. After leaving the typical compact camera a decision emerges: which t…

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25 Responses to Bridge Camera or DSLR?

  1. Rohit Bodalikar says:

    I was looking for just this video, you delivered, great video, thanks.

  2. ahmed fadhil Al-khateeb says:

    good and simple show :)

  3. Frankie Frank says:

    Can you please tell me the best dslr and bridge camera that uses AA
    batteries from your experience

  4. Tathagata Gupta says:

    DSLR and bridge cameras have big difference in picture quality. I am just
    an entry level point and shoot user but can tell the difference between the
    two. So I dont like this video for suggesting that those two have similar
    picture quality.

  5. lee simons says:

    I have to say from experience that there is a difference between a bridge
    camera and DSLR in terms of picture quality. Apart from the experience of
    the photographer there are two main reasons for the quality difference.
    Firstly sensor size – typically the sensors in most bridge cameras are
    about the size of your little finger nail whereas the sensor in a bridge
    camera can be as large as a 35mm photographic film in high end models.
    Larger sensors translate to more light hitting the sensor resulting in
    brighter more contrasty images. Smaller sensors are exposed to less light
    and compensate by charging the sensor in order to boost the light signal
    resulting in more noisy images which can also be darker. Also the lenses of
    a DSLR while not offering the same range and instant convenience of a
    bridge camera make a great deal of difference to image quality – ask
    yourself this question: why do professional photographers and even
    hobbyists spend hundreds to thousands of pounds on a single lense if the
    image quality of a bridge camera is almost as good or as good as that from
    a DSLR? As an amateur astronomer who works with telescopes (over 26 years)
    I can tell you that the image quality of the optics in my telescopes is far
    more important to me than fancy GOTO systems and the size of the scope. The
    same is true of cameras. Its not the number of megapixels which is
    important unless you want to really enlarge pictures its the size of the
    pixels, the quality of the lenses and the luck or talent of the

  6. Shreyak Singh says:

    Which is a better One Nikon P520 or D3100

  7. narsplace says:

    I can see a differences between the two. DSLR give much better detail and

  8. MrRabson55 says:

    My cousin Paddy bought a bridge camera recently… next week he’s hoping to
    buy one that just takes boats!

  9. lilblingking1491 says:

    I would more than love to buy a digital slr…I just can’t afford to spend
    a few hundred on each lens.

  10. Chris 'koomoi' Coles says:

    actually the dslr will give better picture quality and a more shallow depth
    of field (out of focus background) this is gained by having a much larger
    sensor as well meaning the pixels are bigger and get more light.

  11. LEXPIX says:

    Bridge cameras have nice zoom ranges. Main advantage. DSLRs have much
    better low noise and image quality.

  12. GentleMotionPictures says:

    great review, you helped persuade my dad to get me a dslr, good job!

  13. Chris Finch says:

    Helped me out with some questions I had. Thanks for the video.

  14. s shelton says:

    Excellent effort in putting aside the myths about both camera types. I used
    strictly slr’s in the film days but now own an sx30 canon and find worth
    every penny, the camera actually suprises me at times. Thx for good job

  15. RaesAnimes says:

    the DSLR seems to have a lot better quality in turns of crispness and
    color. that’s the one thing that really stood out to me.

  16. George Bush says:

    screw lenses they cost to much

  17. Smiler Sheldon says:

    nice advice Thanks you helped me alot by simplifying the differences
    between the cameras. its A BRIDGE camera for me

  18. Andy Turner says:

    Well explained,,cheers mate it has helped me decide.

  19. VaddooVideos says:

    Yes. You can definitely see the clarity and correct colouring from the
    DSLR. Lenses help a great deal in showing-off the camera’s capabilities.
    Thanks for the comment.

  20. rukisan159 says:

    thanks man!

  21. narsplace says:

    I agree which is why I am looking into a DSLR, also you have more options
    with a DSLR.

  22. MenWorks says:

    u did ell. am looking into amateur photography and ur vid helped

  23. atltwins says:

    Hi did you get a review on the panasonic lumix LZ20? Reviews on this camera
    are no where to be found! plse help if possible! thanks

  24. Littlecrewmember says:

    What was the bridge camera called?

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