DSLR Photography Quick Tips: Aperture control

This episode of DSLR photography quick tips is all about your camera’s aperture. visit www.likepete.com for more great videos like this.
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2 Responses to DSLR Photography Quick Tips: Aperture control

  1. Pete Larson says:

    To a certain extent you are correct both shutter and aperture work together
    but only if you are talking about in the context of natural light. When you
    add flash which is much faster than most shutter speeds then shutter has no
    effect on exposure at that point. But aperture still does. And let’s not
    forget about ISO either because all three interrelate to make the exposure.
    I was trying to take each step at a time and building up to all three
    components. Thanks for your comment!

  2. philcounty says:

    Opening or closing the aperture doesn’t necessarily create a brighter or
    darker image, because usually the shutter speed works in harmony with the
    aperture to achieve the correct exposure. So the wider the aperture the
    quicker the shutter speed, the smaller the aperture the longer the shutter
    needs to remain open. I would suggest that this tip is misleading at best.

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