Street Photography with the Pentax 645 Medium format digital camera

Includes behind the scenes, full images and 100% crop images. See the 645D here: Today ThatNikonGuy (Matt Granger) went to the city to ge…

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25 Responses to Street Photography with the Pentax 645 Medium format digital camera

  1. Matt Granger says:

    @hectorreyesLIVE and the hardworking pro, which is a privilege itself..

  2. Matt Granger says:

    @lighthunter1980 🙂 well feel free to say hi.

  3. Neojhun says:

    I love the light gradiation on Medium Format cameras. They blend and
    transition heavily yet everything stays sharp.

  4. MrLimborace says:

    Sexy camera, great bokeh as to be expected from ANY Pentax 50 mil.

  5. Matt Granger says:

    @stavyros like 35mm film, fx and most medium format cams, it is native 4:3

  6. ehtkhr says:

    would have been nice to see some comparison shots. I use Nikon F2.8s and
    get a lot of background blur (depth of field) so that isnt really anything
    new to me (unless yours’ are different but again…. comparison). The 1
    second is the kicker for me. I can’t count the number of times I have taken
    the ‘perfect’ shot and it has changed in less than a second to a better
    shot. Press the button, ditch the first and I’m a happy camper. Not with
    the 645D (pity, I had high hopes).

  7. miliziametallica says:

    Just a few few few examples of street..

  8. Matt Granger says:

    @alexpirpiris haha, I like it

  9. hectorreyesLIVE says:

    Killer Camera… but like most of life, only for the priviliged! Thanks for
    the vid!

  10. dairylandbogurt says:

    I quite liked the first shot

  11. Alkatross says:

    This is a wonderful example of your videos, Matt. You have a good eye for

  12. erasser1996 says:

    hey mate,can i ask you something, are you changing the in-camera settings
    like contrast,sharpness,saturation, i am using the nikon d7000 , but i
    don’t change those settings,or you do all the editing of the picture in
    lightroom ? and sometimes i don’t like the pictures like the colour and

  13. Matt Granger says:

    @erasser1996 usually in lightroom and ps. I shot raw 95%, when jpeg, I put
    up sharpening.

  14. Matt Granger says:

    @Alkatross Thanks mate.

  15. TheKangarooguru says:

    @afusake somebody’s jealous…..

  16. bestOskarEverxD says:

    well, I have to agree with afusake, the most of the pictures don’t have
    anything to tell and if there is even composition then it’s the easiest
    form of it. But well, Cartier Bresson and other known photographers have
    set the needle very high. Best part is at 4:22 ” Ahh.. I don’t know what he
    was doing but he was digging in the grass looking for something”..
    ahahaaaahaha !! ^^ dude, you took a picture of him while he was rolling a
    joint ^^ xxD … thats why he turned away 😀 hahahahaa

  17. lighthunter1980 says:

    Hi mate or Matt 😉 I sneak often around in China Town and know the East
    Ocean… Hope to bump into you some time. Cheers

  18. DarkAngelEU says:

    please please pretty please tell me how you make your b&w picyutrs give
    that slight silvery/sepia tint! I’mtrying to find out for ages!

  19. PentaxPhotography says:

    @ehtkhr You will get narrower dof on a larger sensor at the same aperture

  20. TheKarolans says:

    oh 1000 ISO only? Designed rather for studio work huh? Anyway nice vid,
    didn’t know Sydney has a China town! 😀

  21. gtochad says:

    @thatnikonguy isnt 35mm 3:2? as well as fx and dx

  22. Bryon Lape says:

    Next time, whomever sees them about town should point and shout “Hey, it’s
    that Nikon guy!”

  23. alexpirpiris says:

    I despise the design of that camera. It’s a great camera none the less. I
    just despise how it looks. 😐

  24. Matt Granger says:

    @erasser1996 usually in lightroom and ps. I shot raw 95%, when jpeg, I put
    up sharpening.

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