How to photograph the moon?

How to photograph the moon?

This video tutorial will show settings that you may want to use to take nice moon shot.. ! It is very simple once you know it 🙂 thanks, Darshan Vaishnav Sun…

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  1. Azad. Se says:


  2. ante hrvatic says:

    What camera is that

  3. Robin Roy says:

    Hi Liked this video.. need to try it out. btw did u use tripod or what?
    what lens did u use? Just bought my first DSLR Canon T4i/650D with 18-55mm,
    55-250mm & 50mm f1.8 II lens. Do you think these lens would get a good shot
    of the moon? ur opinion would be appreciated. thanks…

  4. darshan vaishnav says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. iLuVodka says:

    just to show off! HAHAHAHAH i bought the hood just for that!

  6. darshan vaishnav says:

    Robin .! 55-250 was the first lens I used for my moon shot 🙂 So ofcourse
    it will work.!! Also, No need to use tripod , you can do this handheld with
    the settings I used..! Good luck and do share you pictures on my facebook
    page facebook . com/DPClicks

  7. darshan vaishnav says:

    Canon 50D with zeikos battery grip

  8. imed zribi says:

    how to do it with a pentax K100D

  9. SuperEkholden says:

    thanks for uploading your video i just tried your sittings wow thanks alot
    im only new to using a dlsr cameras

  10. MrAnans11 says:

    Great tutorial, cheers.

  11. Robin Roy says:

    Thanks Darshan.’ll definitely share the pics. nw got 2 wait for the full
    moon ..

  12. Steven Sweet says:

    Hello Everyone- I recently launched a community webpage on Facebook called
    Lunar 101-Moon Book if you have any photo’s of the Moon they can be posted
    on this site.

  13. Drabschy MDD says:

    Thanks .. Great info!

  14. عکاسی نیمه حرفه ای says:


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