Guardian Camera Club: Stephen Sims' portfolio

Guardian Camera Club: Stephen Sims' portfolio
The light from the sun against the reddy brown mountains really allowed for some spectacular colours here, again the bottom half is a bit too dark, try adjusting your shutter speed with your ISO to see if you can get some of that detail next time …
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High-speed X-ray 'camera' beamline taking shape at NSLS-II
When assembled, the beamline will act like a high-speed camera with an extremely fast shutter, capable of taking "nanoscale movies" of motion within materials or biological samples. "When you have a camera with a fast shutter, you need a lot of light …
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A Kansas City Tradition: Plaza Lights thru the years
John Sleezer — The Kansas City Star The detail of a lightbulb filament was photographed at an ISO of 400 at f/2.8 and a shutter speed of 1/100th of a second. The shallow depth of field allowed for more detail of the bulb to come out without it …
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