Serious Photography Camera?

Question by Marley lover<3: Serious Photography Camera?
okay, so i’m into photography and i want a really nice camera that can do everything, like taking pictures of night scenery with no flash, that kinda stuff. serious photography. i’d be willing to spend from $ 200-$ 600, if that can get me anything worth buying. like the ones that have detachable lenses 🙂 thanks. best suggestion 10 points 😀

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Answer by Stephen V
The Nikon D40 might be good for you:

And if your willing to spend a few extra $ ‘s, The Nikon D60 is GREAT!:

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  1. Screech Owl says:

    “like the ones that have detachable lenses” do you mean SLR (single lens reflex)?
    A serious camera for “serious photography” may mean different things to different persons. To me the phrase means
    1) being able to separately or together, control the factors that affect photo exposure (apperature, shutter, iso, flash fill)
    2) review depth of field
    3) a sensor of adequate size and pixel count to make enlargements to 16 x 22.
    4) lens quality that permits such enlargements without causing aberrations.

    And I personnaly feel that an adjustable LCD back is a must. This was introduced in the early digital cameras but for reasons unclear to me abandoned until this year.

    I suspect the prism will be abandoned from high quality cameras in the next 1-2 years as the quality of small view finder LCD’s has increased and I’ve read that those small LCD’s have been ordered in large amount by certain camera manufacturers. It’s about time, since the prism adds a lot of weight and bulk to the cameras, not to mention the cost since it requires a mirror to flip up. So, I’m waiting to buy my SLR (correction, TTL since it won’t be called SLR anymore) till then. In the mean time, I bought the G11 Canon, to satisfy my other requirements, to a degree.

    Below is a link for a forum to review the cameras you might be interested in.

  2. Ace Ventura: Pet Photographer™ says:

    Canon Rebel XS

  3. Jesse S says:

    i would use anything on the Canon Rebel line. they have served me well over the years.

  4. Tessa says:

    I have a canon rebel XS, and I love it.

    But, the body and a standard lens ended up being around $ 600-700. Also, if you aren’t educated in using SLR’s I wouldn’t get one yet. I highly suggest that you get a nice point and shoot camera instead of an SLR (the ones with the detachable lenses). After you have that for a couple of years then you can decide if you want to put all of the money into an SLR. Because an SLR you’ll also need to buy other lenses, because that’s how you zoom in using an SLR. Lenses can cost between $ 300-or even up to $ 1500! So that’s definitely an investment in money.

    I HIGHLY suggest you purchase something like this:


    I had the PowerShot SX1 IS before my canon rebel XS and I LOVED it.

    Hopefully this helped!
    Good luck! 😀

  5. sant kabir says:

    Nikon D-60 + one extra lens(70-300mm nikkor G lens, it’s the cheapest) + tripod + remote and you are on.

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