Northern Lights: How to photograph the Aurora Borealis

Interview with photographer Heather Jones from Carcross Yukon on the topic of photographing the northern lights. Heather’s Facebook…
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18 Responses to Northern Lights: How to photograph the Aurora Borealis

  1. Randall Douglas says:

    Hope to try my first NL pics at 4am here in Southern Minnesota. Should be a
    great night. Thanks for posting.

  2. Rose Howe says:

    got some nice pics last night, not nearly as nice as the ones show but
    still very happy ,got them thanks to some tip you showed,when cold here
    for out door shot i use those hand warmers and a hand crochet cover for my
    camera :)

  3. richard jones says:

    many thanks for the uk alert link shall have to try using om 650D or T4I as
    its known in some parts

  4. richard jones says:

    amazing the last shot seems to have a slight hdr look to it beautiful work

  5. Marlene Hielema says:

    Tromso Finland is also very popular for Aurora watching. And it happens
    once in awhile in New Zealand as well so that’s a bit closer to home, but
    less easy to predict.

  6. richard jones says:

    sorry for the late reply weather wasnt amazing when it happened here so
    disaster btw would it be ok if i sent you a fb friend request serious
    admirer of your work

  7. Mister Blister says:

    Richard, F4 will work too, just compensate with a bit slower shutter speed

  8. richard jones says:

    sadly none of the lenses i have open wide enough best i have is an f4-5.6

  9. isitebuild says:

    Congrats on your interview..great pics. Would like to visit where Heather
    lives since I love exploring natures wonders.

  10. MrFinnghal says:

    Tromsø is in Northern Norway not in Finland and there are actually better
    place s to watch and photograph Aurora Borealis such as Lofoten and
    Vesterålen Islands (about 5 hours drive south from Tromsø) where I work as
    a Aurora photographer and guide. We have northern lights almost every night.

  11. Steven Goh says:

    Thank you Marlene. Think I will stick to my plan to either Alaska or
    Iceland, but will add in Finland to my consideration. 🙂

  12. kookiemoose says:

    Very interesting. It’s great that Heather included some of the details
    about her shots. Great photo’s too. I’ve been dabbling with the night sky
    for a bit and it is tricky to pull off.

  13. Marlene Hielema says:

    Yes, Heather is really good at capturing the Aurora.

  14. Marlene Hielema says:

    You’re welcome. Let me know how it goes!

  15. Steven Goh says:

    Hi Marlene, thank you for this great video and info. I am from a tropical
    country sunny island, Singapore, and am a vivid photographer, I would
    definitely love to have an opportunity to capture these aurora borealis, at
    least once in my life time.. I would like to know when is really the best
    time to go and beside Alaska and Iceland, where else can I go?

  16. Marlene Hielema says:

    My mistake! An Australian friend of mine went to Tromsø and told me it was
    in Finland. I didn’t check my sources! Thanks for clarifying and the extra
    information. My subscribers will appreciate it too!

  17. Marlene Hielema says:

    You can thank Heather Jones for that! I’ll pass on your message to her.
    Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  18. Isaac Leo says:

    thank you so much for this. great questions, and great answers. immensely

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