506 Fast Shutter Speed

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10 Responses to 506 Fast Shutter Speed

  1. SANATH SAHU says:

    please help how to give phtographs to you contests ?

  2. Klaus Gilbert says:

    Speaking of Cigarettes, heres a photo I shot recently.

  3. Vitografie says:

    Hi Aaron, you remind me of Robert Downey Jr. Are you his little brother?
    😉 I like your Channel very much! Greets from Germany

  4. Cam Dueck says:

    Guy in the water holding “who knows what”, is it a typewriter?

  5. arncj18 says:

    if you could tell me how to get rid of the famous “r06” message on my d90,
    when half pressed shutter release. That would be ok.

  6. zenburger says:

    go the phlearn.com

  7. Jefferson Guiang says:

    My mom gave me a Nikon D7000 as a graduation gift two years ago, and I
    didn’t know what to do with it until I found your tutorials. I love Phlearn
    with all my heart and soul.

  8. Mihkel Tiidus says:

    Seems like he’s holding a typewriter (the photo with the subject in the

  9. TimeWithinTime says:

    I don’t see it myself, but my brother said that too! Maybe there is
    something there after all.

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