POrtrait photography in the snow, ideas.?

Question by Shory’s in love!: POrtrait photography in the snow, ideas.?
So I was asked to do a shoot today of a brother and sister. The brother is four and the sister is seventeen. I have done many shoots, some in the snow, but I want this one to be a little bit more fun. I also want to find ways that the sister doesn’t end up looking like his mom? I know that sounds funny. Any cool accessories to bring along? My last shoot in the snow, I did of two sisters and ended up bringing red roses. They worked great, but I want this one to reflect fun and excitement. Also, usually when I do snow pictures, the sun is out, today it is a bit more foggy, and since it is a last minute shoot, I need your ideas. Thanks guys and God bless.

Here is a few from my last snow shoot

Lol the last picture with the roses looks very tacky, I will admit, but I try and let my clients give me ideas what they wanted, and there ya go. Lol.

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Answer by sant kabir
In the third picture roses did not work.

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  1. Dani B says:

    lovely pictures 😛 Maybe incorporate some snowball fun, or get the brother and sister to build a snowman together, bringing some hats and scarfs, carrots etc. Getting pictures of them both having fun.

    Hope it goes well x

  2. cubfan745 says:

    Maybe have the girl hold some snow and just dab the nose of the nose of the boy.

    Have the boy on his sister’s lap, have him wind up with a snowball like he is going to throw it, and have the sister already grimacing about the impact – like she is trying to get away or move

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