I need help with camera settings?

Question by WalshyFerdinand: I need help with camera settings?
I own a Pentax K1000 from 1978, just so you know.
Well , first of all, what aperture should I use with a polarizer? f16 or what?
And if I am using black and white film at 400, where should I put the aperture? And can I use a polarizer? If I do…where would the camera setting be?
Finally, with black and white film (at 400) and I’m using a red or yellow filter, should there be more light or less?
Thank you very much!

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Answer by Ben H
The K1000 meters through the lens.

Because of that, just use whatever shutter speed and aperture combination the meter tells you as correct, and your exposure should be correct.

I’ve never used a polarizer with black and white, but it should have at least some effect. The best way to find out is by experimenting.

Any colored filter you put in front of the lens will cause some light loss. All of these filters should be marked with a filter factor that tells you how to compensate, however you really don’t need to worry about this since your cameras meter will compensate. The filter factor is if you were using the camera with an external meter, or using the filter on a meterless camera.

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  1. ♥Femme•Fatale♥ says:

    I never used a polarizer so I don’t know. Where should you put the aperture if you have 400 speed b/w film? It depends on the lighting. If things are dark you would have to open up as wide as you can and if things are bright you would close the aperture down to an appropriate level. If you have a light meter, it’ll tell you what to set it at depending on what you are doing. If you are using a filter of any color, you’ll need more light because less of it can get to your film.

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