How To Get The Film Look With a Canon 5D Mark II / DSLR #1 Basics

Using aspect ratio, film grain, camera settings and basic colour correction we take a look at making your DSLR footage more ‘Cinematic’. For more tips head t…
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25 Responses to How To Get The Film Look With a Canon 5D Mark II / DSLR #1 Basics

  1. atbakzy says:

    thanks! but what kind of lenses do we need 

  2. EN187 says:

    why not just use fast color corrector? lots of options of while balance,
    fill, saturation etc

  3. hi9313 says:

    Was this a 50mm lens? thank you

  4. Dean Amir Hussain says:

    Did you use Magic Lantern ? or original Camera Firmware ?

  5. topografer says:

    Wow im impressed… Really really good video

  6. Takin says:

    Song in the end of this video? 

  7. QuietRiot123 says:

    Is Adobe better than Final Cut Pro?

  8. The Oduvanchik Project says:

    This is a really helfull tutorial

  9. LukesLife says:

    In terms of the camera settings on a dslr do you usually shoot a flat image
    and edit afterwards or do you shoot with standard setting or even Your own
    personal settings. 

  10. hi9313 says:

    how did you get the slow mo at the end?

  11. ietsization says:

    Damn, the last shot was a bit overgraded, too much red in my opinion. It
    didn’t look natural anymore.

  12. Dreamwalker Films says:

    This is such an exceptionally helpful and well-made video. Achieving this
    effect has become an obsession for me over the years. Thanks for bringing
    some new points to my attention. You rock!

  13. CABisGAMING says:

    Good video !

  14. carmavisuals says:

    Hi. Just released the trailer for my debut film. Shot it on a Canon T3i and
    the budget wasn’t high but I hope you like it, I appreciate any critiques.

  15. E. Groeg says:

    Can you do these settings with a Sony HD footage? It’s a handycam.

  16. Too Lazy To Live says:

    Really like the look well done

  17. Cine Filmz says:

    Good tutorials.. You are 120%Right

  18. charly kaderli says:

    The end result was quite harsh and over contrasted. But that’s just me! 

  19. TheGame4841 says:

    Thats a very creepy background music..but i liiiiike it

  20. AndISeeO says:

    very helpful video thanks for making it! :D

  21. Naren Pillai says:

    Mate, truly a genius tutorial. I am in need of one at the moment as I start
    rolling. By the way, your’s is one incredible accent. Which part of the
    world are you from? Ingeniously English!

  22. emmaelements says:


  23. n00bsVDOZ says:

    Very good tutorial

  24. Brad Thomas says:

    are there any other settings on the 5D besides the shutter speed and fps
    that you changed? great tutorial! 

  25. thunderwave says:

    nice work bro

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