Photography Schools in the U.S?

Question by Jessica: Photography Schools in the U.S?
I know of Brooks institute of Photography & The art institute of … But what else?
Are there any that do not require “general education” like the school/course is strictly about Photography and everything you need to know involving “Photography”
or the best Photography schools?
or the best but not super expensive schools?

How many years in the average Photography school?
Is there a Brooks institute of Photography in Colorado?
yeah I know military provides great programs but I am married and trying to get pregnant and I don’t want to be gone from my husband =D

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Answer by Angry Cingular user
Well, there is also the Rochester Institute of Technology…. If you are desperate to attend one of the top photo schools in the world, try the United States Navy! I’m serious. The Naval Schools of Photography are or was located in Pensacola, Florida. I graduated from that school many many moons ago! At that time they were among the big 3…. along with R.I.T. and Brooks. R.I.T. had a degree program.

I seriously doubt if any independent photoography school in the world could hold a candle to the education I recieved at NSF. We were told at graduation that what we learned in photography was equal to what a master’s degree in photography would entail at a regular college. All that aside, check on some of the pro photo web sites for someone who more recently attended full time photography training.

Joseph Nowak
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