Aperture blades not moving?

Question by David: Aperture blades not moving?
I have a Canon FD 50mm 1:1.8 on my Canon AE-1 Program. when I removed the lens and adjusted the aperture, the blades didn’t move at all. I also looked from the front of the lens to see if there was a noticeable difference as I adjusted the aperture but I couldn’t see anything. any insight on what’s going on? am I missing somethig? is this supposed to happen? thanks so much for the help!!

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Answer by Gopinath M
guess its jammed…

most often it happens… wen the camera is left at wrong position.. for a long time…

get it serviced..

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  1. David L says:

    When you have a canon lens with FD mount, you’ll notice there are two “levers” on the mount side. When you put the lens on the camera, one of them is engaged. When this happens it allows the aperture lever to move.

    So off the camera, you need to make sure you slide both levers or you won’t see the aperture change when you rotate the aperture ring.

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