Camera: sony PD-170 Filmed: 25i and 25p Aspects: 16:9 and 4:3 Shutterspeeds: 1/50 and 1/10000 Slow motion: 1/10 Renderd: WMV 1Mbps non-interlaced.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. ydungo says:

    beautiful *thumbs up*

  2. Mystical2k says:

    @rmramu40 Also keep in mind that when you go from NTSC to PAL there is a
    difference in framerate. Also vice versa. PAL is 25FPS and NTSC plus minus
    29FPS So if you go from NTSC to PAL you drop 4 frames. From PAL to NTSC
    your system has to fill up 4 frames. Hope this info was usefull for you.
    Greetings Mystical2k

  3. marctrainor says:

    I was wondering if the slo-mo was “in camera” or done in post. Very
    interesting test!!!! I wish I knew if the softness of the focus was due to
    “uploading or whatever to you tube” instead of just not being a razor sharp
    camera picture? Please tell me I’m “dreaming” here and that this camera
    does have extremely clear and focused video. I’m certainly interested in
    this camera. Marc Trainor.

  4. rmramu40 says:

    can anyone tell how increase the frame rate in PD 170 n how to change the
    mode of the from NTSC to PAL n vice versa

  5. loveja1 . says:

    how do you change the shutter speed on the 170

  6. MediaKubus says:

    didn’t know either 25p is nice

  7. Mystical2k says:

    @lacuisinedolivia This is possible within the menu of the PD-170 under
    Recording settings.

  8. Mystical2k says:

    @rmramu40 You can only change the shutterspeed on the PD-170 and not the
    framerate. The higher you set your shutterspeed the better your image will
    be in slomo. The framerate can only be changed in post. In programs like
    Avid or Adobe premiere/After effects. The same thing for NTSC or PAL. You
    have a NTSC model of the PD-170 (mainly sold in countries where NTSC is the
    standard) and there is a PAL model of the PD-170 (mainly sold in europe or
    countries where PAL is the standard).

  9. Lario Tus says:

    All Right!!!

  10. Mystical2k says:

    Thanks 😉

  11. Mystical2k says:

    Well you can film in progressive but my advise is: use the camera
    interlaced. If you wanna do motion tracking best thing is to adjust the
    shutterspeed to at least 1/60. The higher the shutterspeed the more light
    you will need!! So film interlaced capture it in your editing program
    through firewire and render your project finally in progressive. This will
    keep the quality! In my footage look at the cracks in the bowl 😉 They

  12. wastedtv says:

    The slo-mo is done in post and has been pushed to the extreme. This is 10%
    speed of 100%. I used Adobe Premiere CS3 (already on CS4 now). The focus is
    because of Youtube. The camera delivers much sharper images then seen here.
    If your planning to buy the camera you won’t regret it for a bit! I already
    have him for 4 years and still does what I want! :). The controls are user
    friendly and the number of option are huge!

  13. Cookingwith Olivia says:

    Hello i have a pd-170p and i dont know how to switch the aspect to 16:9 can
    you help me please? thank you

  14. Mystical2k says:

    On the back of the pd-170 there is a button that you can push called tadaa:
    Shutter Speed on the moment you press it there will be a number in your
    screen normall situation: 50. With the wheel on the back you can turn it up
    or down. The final slomo was done in Premiere Pro

  15. ucupmania says:

    wow, i don’t know that PD 170 can shoot in progressive. How do you set it
    to progressive?

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