Photography question?

Question by Jamie G: Photography question?
How would you say photography is art? Do you consider photography art? If so why?

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Answer by penydred
Photography has fought for more than a century to be accepted as an art form…

is all photography art…

it needs to be critiqued in manner that any other piece of art would be critiqued …

that means look at the composition, use of color and tone, subject matter, presentation….. if it includes all of these it is art…

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3 Responses to Photography question?

  1. Swamy says:

    While the lens design and manufacture etc. are science, the composition of the image, selecting the optimum light, contrast etc. are art.

    Yes, photography is art.

  2. Edwin says:

    Yes photography is art.

    Look at the work of Ansel Adams or Dorothea Lange or Minor White or Edward Weston or Margaret Bourke-White or David Muench or Monte Zucker or Jerry Uelsmann or Walker Evans.

    Could a painter have captured the the look and feel of the Depression years as well as Lange did? Could a painter capture the intricacies of a shell as well as Weston? Perhaps.

    The question “Is photography art?” has been asked since photography was born.

    Think of what faces the painter as compared to what faces the photographer. The painter begins with a blank canvas. He or she decides just what elements to include or exclude. The photographer is faced with a finished scene. He/she must decide how to arrange the elements to produce the most pleasing image. Should a high view point be used or a low one? Front lit or backlit or sidelit? Early morning or late afternoon? Wait for an overcast day?

  3. Ricky H says:

    I consider photography as art, I am talking about conventional photography & darkroom work, “Not” digital. I received my degree in photography in 1977. Of course every photo is not art.
    Check out the work of Ansal Adams, Jill Freedman just to name a couple. Henri Cartie Bresson (probably mispelled that) was one of the greatest.
    Many “art” photographers will put in as much time or more in the darkroom on one photo as an artist will put into a painting.
    Digital photography has its place, but I do not consider computer photo programs a art, the program does all the work for you, in the darkroom, you do the work.
    Another point, advertisements for digital cameras are still being shot with large format (convential film) cameras.

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