photography question.?

Question by Miss Becky: photography question.?
I’m kind of new too photography and have posted my pictures on a few times.
(under the question if you want too see them)

I’ve only really tried flowers and still images and want to move on too moving images and things like actions shots, and pictures with an actual model in them..

But i don’t really have any experiance in them and wont know how to act around the model and what shots would look good, any ideas?

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Answer by inkbizt
In my Opinion, Still Life is harder than Motion Photography.. For still life have to be really good, with great flow, balance, contrast, distribution and other elements for it to become successful. The Idea is like telling a story using inanimate objects, to fake movements by adding flows…

You don’t have to worry about moving images… all you need is a proper equipment such as camera with high ISO. and Techniques will be up to you. Following into “WHAT the EXPERTS say” is good but so much typical and we want to avoid the “usual” in photography…

Bend every style, use your imagination, think beyond, avoid the usual, Copy Great Ideas but make sure to have better outputs.

Typical is Boring nowadays…

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  1. Desslok says:

    There are three ways I shoot portrait photography –

    1) Shanghai friends. Its their birthday? I make ’em sit still for a shot. We’re on a road trip? Get ’em to stand next to the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota. Got a new lens? Capture ’em while they’re reading on the couch.

    2) Street photography. Head downtown and just shoot people, lots of people. Anyone you come across? Shoot. Anyone who catches your eye? Shoot!

    3) Ask random strangers for help. Go up to someone in the street say “I’m a student photographer and my teacher assigned me to meet 10 total strangers and shoot them. Would you be willing to help?”

  2. Forlorn Hope says:

    you are still taking snapshots… there is no real thought about the composition, angle, light or position…

    the horizontals still aren’t horizontal… and not being horizontal doesn’t look quirky, just lazy…

    learn about using the flash or strong light source…

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