How to Pose a Baby Safely: Froggy Pose

Ana Brandt shows how to safely pose a newborn in the froggy position. Please do not ever attempt this pose without assistants – preferably two. Please do not…
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25 Responses to How to Pose a Baby Safely: Froggy Pose

  1. ACMommy26 says:

    Bahahahhh I have to say I laughed so hard when you got pooped on, I swear
    like every single time it happens to me 🙂 Wonderful video as per usual :)

  2. Cynthia Bañuelos says:

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! You rock!

  3. atdoodlenoodle says:

    Thank you so much for showing us this video. I appreciate it !!!!!

  4. j hu says:

    SO SO SO IN LOVE WITH THE BOW!!!! Where is it from??

    Thank you for this video!!!!

  5. Jamie Isaacs says:

    I seriously love watching your videos (:

  6. Henry Kurniawan says:

    Perfect tutorial, you’re the boss.

  7. Alexis Ireland says:

    I’ve been waiting for a baby to poop on you! I’ve watched so many of your
    videos and couldn’t believe you hadn’t been pooped on!

  8. Jankyle del Mar says:

    your videos are the best!! 

  9. Jill Gessner says:

    haha! this was the best one yet! love your persona Ana!

  10. Dahabo Abdi says:

    thanks for sharing i am learning more

  11. blanca morales says:

    Hi can you tell me what app can i use to edit the pics so my arms doesnt
    show in the pic just like this ones you did.

  12. ekuenmashten says:

    so beautiful… I like it ;)

  13. trish21283 says:

    How old is the oldest infant you’ve done in the froggy pose and how young
    is your typical infant for the baby pose? I find that if they’re over two
    weeks or so that it’s more difficult to keep them asleep while trying to
    pose them. Thoughts, please.

  14. AquaBubblez13 says:

    AWWW SHE IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! :’o)

  15. Ana Brandt says:

    Please do not leave the baby in this position for long periods of time and
    never unsupported. Experienced newborn photographers should always take the
    utmost care when photographing a baby, and never force a position. For more
    information visit and to see Ana
    Brandts work visit Ana has been photographing
    newborns for over 13 years.

  16. Darren Alexander says:

    amazing video – saw you on creativeL – i wish you were based in london.
    What lighting/softbox are you using? thanks again

  17. Ariana Turano says:

    Loved this video! THANK YOU!! you are amazing!

  18. smithslilangel2003 says:

    Ok thanks so much! Also where do you get your rose fabric from? I
    definitely want go get a few different color options of it 🙂

  19. Jennifer Tesker says:

    I do, too! I love watching your videos. They’re so inspiring.

  20. justlaughalot100 says:

    I’m 15, and I love watching your tutorials! 🙂 You are such a wonderful
    photographer, I wish I could just come watch you photograph for a day.

  21. Radek W says:

    Hi Ana. Can you please tell me where did you buy this frame which holding
    your blanket around beanbag? I was trying to find it in UK but couldn`t
    find it. Whats the proper name for this frame? Thanks:)

  22. albert camera says:

    im 14 and a photographer im currently working on a website but i specializ
    in maturnity threw family portrats whats you suggesten for tip i love
    reading tips

  23. Dana Marshall says:

    M bv.

  24. Ana Brandt says:

    HI we made it using PVC pipe from home depot

  25. Amber Weikel says:

    Your amazing! I’m always so afraid the parents are going to shoot me when I
    handle there baby. I make sure and get the ideal poses first though 🙂 your
    such an inspiration! Thank you!

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