Nikon D5100 Settings

How to find all of the necessary settings on the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera in order to take control of the camera’s exposure. Val Westover specializes in teach…
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  1. Koushikbrata Dey says:


  2. Blueboy says:

    I just got a D5100. The video was helpfull. would like to have more videos on aperture..

    thank you

  3. alex27us says:

    Nice vid.. but this can be read in the manual :).. kinda useless for me.. cheers

  4. EvikaEevi says:

    Thankyou, this helped me very much! 🙂

  5. satish pednekar says:

    i love my d5100 and your video is very good.thanks

  6. casper scorpion says:

    my new camera d5100…..masih harus
    banyak belajar…..

  7. Liz Dunkley says:

    found this on another site
    hope it helps

  8. Liz Dunkley says:

    To enable the histogram and other display options such as EXIF:

    Click the Menu button
    Select the Playback menu (play icon)
    Select ‘Playback display options’
    Choose the playback display options you’d like to see while reviewing images (Highlights, RGB histogram, Shooting data (EXIF), Overview).
    When reviewing an image, press the down arrow on the directional pad to cycle through displays in the order of default view -> Highlights -> Histogram -> Shooting Data -> Overview.

  9. casper scorpion says:

    entry level tp bagus dan murah…..

  10. Cindy Cannon says:

    I tried too. As instructed in video…nothing!

  11. corona says:

    Your videos is really helpful for beginners ! Thank u and hope you can post more videos about the features on the Nikon D5100 thanks

  12. firozikm says:

    nice and informative video..

  13. corona says:

    Hi ! This is an awesome video , I’m new on this and trying to learn more about photography and this video is really helpful ..thanks

  14. Liz Dunkley says:

    Hi, I tried to get in camera histogram but nothing happens I’ve done what you said in video but is there some thing else I need to do first for this to work, Thanks

  15. ugottapee says:

    I was going over the camera in real time as I watched this (I’m new to DSLR photography) and just wanted to point out that when I want to change the exposure compensation I have to hold down the exposure compensation button while turning the command dial. If I just press it and then turn the dial nothing happens. I can also change the exposure by highlighting the exposure compensation button in the screen menu and then use the multi-selector to raise or lower it. Thanks for your help!

  16. tionino3070 says:

    My d5100 the pic r 2 bright but they look nice but my nephews Nikon d5000 the pic come out so beautiful like in the moment and not to bright can you hellp me on the color because I try with the color settings but don’t hellp enough

  17. henry sapungan says:

    I don’t think so. Cause I started with analog cam and I suggest hardly learned DSLR photography with D5100. This camera has a long way to go and won’t be last for only just a a year.

  18. henry sapungan says:

    D5100 is my bread & butter, for real.

  19. TriplexBountyHunter says:

    Ahhh..I didn’t even consider that, glad you got it figured out.

  20. Cris Tina says:

    yah..thx.had to convert them back they were “nef”,needed “jpg”

  21. mazeezaz says:

    what music ??

  22. TriplexBountyHunter says:

    click “start”, Click “my computer”. click “d5100” icon. Click “get pictures from camera”.

  23. Cris Tina says:

    ok I did all that,took pics after and I can’t open them in my comp.need help.pls!

  24. Michael Blue says:

    Not seeing the app on the App Store.

  25. Joana Joaquin says:


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