Low Key photography anywhere (flash tips)

Low Key photography anywhere (flash tips)

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  1. Prabhath MP says:

    Very helpful :)

  2. Oisin Flynn says:

    yes… keep it low. Try and consider what you’re trying to achieve. A low-light look. So you don’t want you sensor to be so sensitive it picks up light in the dark background

  3. Dombowerphoto says:

    what are! not what is.

  4. Jake Beamson says:

    use high speed sync on your flash then you can use higher shutter speed

  5. Bassim Mahmoud says:

    it’s not working with my D5100, the limited 1/200s is not allowing me having dark background, i’m using it on su-4 mode.

  6. petaV says:

    You can use ND filter to take down light so you can use lower speed, or you can use more power on flash. But you should go and buy some remote flash trigger, those are cheap from ebay around 20-30 gbp, and its much better to have off camera flash.

  7. susanta roy says:

    what is the camera settings?

  8. Dombowerphoto says:

    enable auto-fp, check your instruction manual for the camera to figure out where that is in the menus

  9. Kelvin Noble says:

    Does your ISO matter? I hear you say your Shutter Speed 1/350 f/5.6. whats your ISO set set at

  10. 99productions says:

    Hi Dom, wen i setting built in flash with commander mode then i cant put my shutter speed for more then 1/200th…how can i put it for 1/350 ??
    I have a D600


  11. nobudy33 says:

    That light is the focus assist light from the camera. So everytime he half pressed the shutter button a light on the camera turns on to help the camera see and be able to focus.

  12. Tamim Aflah says:

    yup, I got it now. thanks. 🙂 

  13. Dombowerphoto says:

    the setting for the built in flash was, commander mode,

  14. Tamim Aflah says:

    hi Dom, thanks for explanation, what is the setting of the built-in flash? I noticed that it mostly has no effect on the model’s face!

  15. trong nghia says:

    Nice video and easy to understand explanation of low key photography. I do these all the time but while watching your video I became interested in how you got the flash to project light onto the subjects face prior to actually taking the shot? I noticed that twice there was a beam of light coming from the flash as you were settling on the right position for the the light to hit her face during exposure. What flash did you use in the video and how did you get the flash to project that light?

  16. AviatorHD says:

    hello, I have a Canon 600D i just bought a Aputure magnum TL 68 Flash….It says it has an optical sensor which will triger in mode s2 when i use it with my pop up flash…but it does not …

    what do i do? How did u triger ur flash?

  17. Jesse Hughes says:

    No, it doesn’t have an auto FP. It taps out @ 1/200th. Haha I figured that out a while ago but I was curious how limiting that might be, cause already I’m thinking I should have bought a 7100, 300 or 3…its my first DSLR so I went with the 5200.

  18. Homs Lover says:

    Amazing Result 🙂 I Like it

  19. Dombowerphoto says:

    The d5200 may not have the option to go above sync speed (FP mode) check your manual with your camera to find out.

  20. Jesse Hughes says:

    ? – what is your sync for flash? I’m using a D5200 and a SB700 for now but I will be getting a SB900 or 910 later and another 700. My camera only allows for 1/200th shutter with flash on top, I haven’t used it off camera. Would this be a limitation for this style of photography?

  21. papasmurple says:

    Not true unfortunately, I’ve taken several myself using an entry level DSLR (550D), a Yongnuo 460 and Rf603 triggers. Doesn’t matter what camera or flash you are using. It can be done with any. Just make sure you are in a decent sized area (too small and you will get light bouncing everywhere) with not too much ambient light (e.g. outside in middle of the day), you set a low ISO (ideally 100) and shoot at the highest shutter speed you can (i.e. your sync speed, 1/200 on a D5100 I believe).

  22. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    how dom, congratulations, great work as always. But I have a question, I can´t seem to follow your steps that clearly. It seems I am having quite some trouble with the black background and the tight cropping in photoshop, could you please help me?

    Much appreciated

  23. Ron Utoyo says:

    I am not sure how you did it, I was using Canon 1000D (an old basic level DSLR, $200 from ebay) with 18-55mm standard lens with YN460 ($30 delivered from Ebay) and I use pop up flash on camera to trigger the flash. I did not use the trigger.
    Play around with your camera’s setting a bit.
    This is to make it clear that it can be achieved with cheap equipments.

  24. LeGamesTime says:

    is this the tamron 17-50mm? i always find it embarresing to shoot portrait with loud autofocus 🙁

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