Photography tips – Camera teaching – Better pictures!

A sneak peek at what is contained inside the Natural Focus tutorial video. It is creativity that separates the best photographers …

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  1. nicholas william says:

    he probably could tell a gr8 story!!!!!!!!!

  2. BabyPuma124 says:

    The narrator sounds like Wallace of “Wallace & Grommit” 🙂

  3. SovereignBeing says:

    we used to go out with grey cards and light meters in my

  4. DavidBoag says:

    That is why I created my Interactive Photography Tutorial – to help people that need more information, encouragement and help. So take a look at

  5. breanna cale says:

    what would u think i am trying to get a better cannon tha t is veary good at micro and fsat moving objects and stand still objects hope u can help

  6. longclawson says:

    Nicely done, David!

    You’re always so enthusiastic! I love listening to your advice – you’re the most enthused person I’ve heard since David Bellamy!!

    Cheers, Mark (UK).

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