Nikon 1 V2 Mirrorless Digital Camera: Product Overview: Adorama Photography TV

Nikon 1 V2 Mirrorless Digital Camera For a full review of the Nikon 1 V2 by Mason Resnick exclusively for t…
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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25 Responses to Nikon 1 V2 Mirrorless Digital Camera: Product Overview: Adorama Photography TV

  1. igetsmart says:

    agree with most viewers – a review should not be a sales pitch ­čÖé all cameras have positives and negatives – even Leica ­čÖé as we as consumers like different things – so for me for instance it is the size of the V2´╗┐ – so close to M43 so I rather focus on M43 with a larger sensor and more lenses available. However for Nikon bigots this is a good choice with many nice features like good video and fast focus.

  2. Joe Mezzanini says:

    Not´╗┐ a very good review. This is an informercial !
    Most Adorama videos are awesome, but this one is a let down.
    Sounds like QVC !

  3. Dag Hellem says:

    This sounds like one of those horrible´╗┐ tv shops selling the newest, useless abdominal training equipment, vegetable cutters and “perfect” sized bras.

  4. mugendc5 says:

    None of the features you talked about are unique to Nikon alone. Every other competitor out´╗┐ there as creative modes. Pop up flashes are terrible by the way. This camera is nothing special but you should have talked about the sensor size compared to other interchangeable cameras.

  5. gisrael622 says:

    SLOW DOWN!!!!!!! take´╗┐ a breath please…

  6. adoramaTV says:

    If´╗┐ you want to read a comprehensive review of the Nikon 1 V2 please click on the link below the video.

    We are taking everyone’s comments into consideration while planning future product overview videos and appreciate your candid feedback.

  7. adoramaTV says:

    The Nikon 1 V2 is not currently listed as supporting the´╗┐ SU800 according to Nikon’s web site.

  8. baselb80 says:

    does it work with the su 800?´╗┐

  9. photographerjonathan says:

    it’s not an overview when the person´╗┐ giving the overview is constantly telling you how great the camera is, that is a review and an infomercial trying to sell you on something, like he is being paid by Nikon

  10. Hatem Hsk says:

    This is a video of someone who’s dying to sell, not to review´╗┐ honestly.

  11. Eddy Forero says:

    no no,´╗┐ I wove it – wove it – wove it

  12. Bryan Savage says:

    and looks´╗┐ like he is reading from a teleprompter.

  13. Bryan Savage says:

    sales´╗┐ video thumbs down.

  14. ukmopsteruk says:

    I get what you mean, but the title does say product overview. I´╗┐ don’t know if that was changed since you commented… but toooo many reviews follow this format. The term review is lost to many ‘revers’ on youtube.

  15. pandaramadagan says:

    Almost´╗┐ no shutter lag??
    Throw that cam and get a slr

  16. Irakli Guruli says:

    this video is just an advertisement, Nikon lags far behind other companies in mirrorless realm. ´╗┐

  17. adoramaTV says:

    We hope you’ll read our full review of the Nikon 1 V2, which was just published on the Adorama Learning Center (The link is in the description below´╗┐ the video). This video is just an overview of the camera.

  18. adoramaTV says:

    Actually, Adorama ships throughout the U.S., Canada and to´╗┐ over 200 countries worldwide, including Germany.

  19. Ash K says:

    Well, he got to be honest !´╗┐

  20. adoramaTV says:

    Faster focus, overall image quality not quite as good as EM5 above ISO´╗┐ 400, costs about $100 less. Go to our full review for more details (see link in description right below the video).

  21. ovidel46 says:

    INDEEEEEED !!! – the guy certainly hasn’t seen what a NEX or even´╗┐ an NX300 can do… (not talking about Olympus, Fuji, RIcoh, pentax 01 etc).. Nikon V2 can’t even scratch that kind of quality..

  22. Bluerocklobster says:

    …you´╗┐ got your infomercial mode…

  23. Christian Rubek Nielsen says:

    “I´╗┐ rove it! Rove it! Rove it!”

  24. Marauder1981 says:

    I┬┤m in Germany. So no Adorama´╗┐ for me, Sir or Mam.

  25. adoramaTV says:

    Yes–you need the Nikon FT1´╗┐ Mount Adapter for F-Mount Lenses & 1 Series Cameras, which is available at Adorama(dot)com.

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