How You Can Easily Make $7,700 a Month With Your Digital Camera

READ THIS!!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! All info supplied here is my opinion and I (or Youtube) am NOT responsible for anything that happens from you using this i…
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25 Responses to How You Can Easily Make $7,700 a Month With Your Digital Camera

  1. You Started For a Reason! says:

    Love your energy bro!

  2. A Fate So Twisted says:

    The sites I’ve seen usually generate about .01 to.05 cents per image
    download not the minimal $1 per download that is claimed here. 

  3. ooonz says:

    Stock photo sites are everywhere, their databases are HUGE !
    When I look for the odd rare photo I cannot take myself, I am inundated
    with results.
    Sadly, the days of finding the “gap in the market” are over.

  4. robert burrogh says:

    You guys can not make it big by listening to some guy giving you tutorials
    on how to make money at home. I know people who have tried the stock photo
    thing, it will not work, its like winning the lottery regardless of skill.
    the sites support and advertise people the have invested interest with, not
    the new guy with a few hundred images, just like youtube, quality means
    nothing anymore.

    if it was such a great and easy thing everybody would be doing it. to make
    real money you have to do something original and it will either take skill
    or creativity. you can take some images, but 10000 other people are as
    well, with more skill then you in most cases. Think of something new,
    invent something, or go slave away 9-5 and get a steady check.

  5. Kenny G says:

    Good methods.

  6. Jason Ratzlaff says:

    And with your Google ads you should have made about $3500 so far from
    making a video about how to make money with pictures not to shabby in my
    book ;)

  7. Adam Gooding says:

    You can make money do this, but lets me honest. No site is paying you a
    dollar a download anymore. At best you might get .25 maybe .50. So if your
    gonna make money plan on taking 1,000’s if not 10’s of thousands of photos.
    Lots of research into finding what is in demand at the time. Then if your
    lucky the real money is finding people that you can work exclusively for
    and go out and take the pictures they want then YOU can set the price. Its
    hard to make money in photography these days. Its not the gold mine it once
    was. Unless like some people have already stated you planning on going out
    an taking hard to take pictures of rare things. Arial shots ect.

  8. Daanette Ainsworth says:

    I think we love you BRILLIANT!!!

  9. Alhabon says:

    thanks body i’ll try

  10. Mobin Rahman says:

    are you insane? Let me tell best stuff search panXCash

  11. Sam Thepsourinthone says:

    Thank you!

  12. Nissim Ezra says:

    thnx man good info

  13. highflyguy1 says:

    You’re full of shit, you bald headed fuck.

  14. Nasty Network says:

    But people can easily go to google images and get them from there

  15. Paul Richardson says:

    Hi king, all I want to know is this really for real, and just about every
    comment I have read says to go and search some other ones on google. Or is
    this just another scam. I just can’t seem to find a real honest website to
    really make money. But I do like taking pictures I have a sony cybershot
    camera. anyway good video, just hope it’s for real, and really works.

  16. Mountain Divine says:

    I love your super honest down to earth approach, my seventeen year old is
    very artistic and creative loves taking photos. Thank you for sharing, he
    loved, your say it how it is, the no nonsense words!
    He actually watched the whole video he thought you were cool and said, ” I
    wish my school teachers were like him. I would learn so much more useful
    stuff about a career doing something I love”. If you can influence just a
    few people you are doing a wonderful job.
    Especially the bit about the “giving back” to others, ie to charity that
    is so true as to how the Universe works. Give back and you will receive so
    much more. We thank you for that. As One Light x

  17. LOU ROLDAN says:

    This is complete BS. The guy is in love with youtube and himself.

  18. thewalrus1968 says:

    how much fucking spam is in the comments to this video hahah ..good video
    .. booooom!

  19. Daniel Zimmerman says:

    Dear Mr. King, this is exactly the type of work I am looking for. Thank you
    so much for posting this! God bless you :-)

  20. Albert Aguirre says:

    You rock!

  21. Sirta Zama says:

    I LIKE UR SUN Glasses,

  22. Roman Nikolai says:

    hello, KingHuman How much do you make a Month with Google ads ?

  23. Vykintas Simutis says:

    did you blind ?
    if not why u wearing sunglasses in the doors 

  24. Althea Brodt says:

    That’s a very awesome strategy. Have you ever used Effortless Money
    Builder? I’ve earnt $14,000 over the past 3 months. It’s pretty cool lol.

  25. Lou A. Daddi says:

    All these negative comments only shows how lame & lazy you people are, and
    making money , BANK ! , anit for you and never will be either .Good thing
    for McDonalds & Walmart there always looking for new dipshits to hire , who
    knows oneday you might even make to graveyard shift leader , WOW imagine
    that ? SUCKERS ! stay outta my way you lazy air headed fCks , everyone has
    a dollar , duh. u just gotta figure out how to take it. Patience and
    knowledge , and a lil faith in yourself and you can do whatever YOU want .
    Thanks KingHuman keep’m coming , my brain can’t get enough .

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