How-To: Create Cool Pictures in Sims 3

Narrated by Amber 🙂 An easy and informative video on creating cool pictures in Sims 3! THANKS TO VIOLET NEWBIE FOR THIS ORIGINAL IDEA! http://asimsstory2010…

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11 Responses to How-To: Create Cool Pictures in Sims 3

  1. jeff gierge says:

    Thx it is really helpful

  2. Marely Müüripeal says:

    if you were taking picture then what were u putting ?+

  3. Winxclub fan says:


  4. lexipenguin says:

    There’s also pose player which is a billion times better

  5. LUVAMECRAZY says:

    cool vid, thx 🙂

  6. Sarane James says:

    That is such an awesome method that I never would of thought myself! Thank
    you for the tutorial!

  7. Emilija Gostautaite says:

    not everyone has generations 😛

  8. Magus Pannkook says:

    1:26 You WANT to take that picture if it goes along to some storyline 😀 OR
    when you just want a funny pic for Facebook or something like that 🙂 But
    its a good vid! Also when you’re moving the sim, hold Alt key down, then
    you can move them, um, more…? Hehehe, my Énglish is baad….

  9. Jessie McCabe says:

    or if you type in moviemakerenabled true

  10. Kelly James says:

    Or just download the Animation and Pose player mod (:

  11. 700maddie says:

    Best Sims 3 tutorial EVER. I would <3 if yuh make more. I hav a request for
    how to upload the photo 2 ur profile on I also added this vid 2
    my favorites. 🙂 thx

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