How To Price Your Portrait Photography Pt.2

hey guys ithree6mafia here, just talking about how you should price your photography and how i price mine., remember to SUBSCRIBE!COMMENT!RATE! and as usual …
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20 Responses to How To Price Your Portrait Photography Pt.2

  1. ithree6mafia says:

    I know your done talking, bye bye:)

  2. Darrell Luepnitz says:

    I can only hope you are done talking

  3. ithree6mafia says:

    Congrats, you can do research. You still don’t have a valid point. Who says I have to post every single session I have online? Do you know the price of the equipment that I PAID; and not just searching the generic retail price for my equipment? I have never claimed to be a professional. This works for me, find your own method and make your own video. Until, I see you post videos on your channel, then im done talking about this

  4. Darrell Luepnitz says:

    I know enough to investigate. Your comment on your last video “I’m not a professional looking to charge a fortune on photographs.” says it all. Also I visited your Facebook and see your photos. You don’t have enough photos of other people to fund the purchase of one quality lens, much less your camera. Yes I have some assumptions (that I still believe) but my uncontested point still stands. You are not a viable source of information for American entrepreneurs.

  5. ithree6mafia says:

    what makes you think you know me? when I do photo shoots, they are usually about 15min away at my locations so I hardly waste any gas, wear and tear? I take care of my equipment. Plus I bought ALL of my equipment myself, doing these $50 photo shoots, and not all of them have been $50. If it doesn’t work for you then skip this video. You have all your assumptions WRONG.

  6. Darrell Luepnitz says:

    On a different note, that was an excellent idea (submitting your photo to the Arkansas photo-book) in the first video. That would have been a great tip to add for getting your name out. Good luck with your future career.

  7. Darrell Luepnitz says:

    $50-your gas-equipment wear and tear-time driving-time shooting-time editing-TAXES=broke. Keep in mind he is not a full time photographer, he is a young man living at home. I assume his parents bought his expensive equipment to help him start his career. You offend people when you try to offer business suggestions to serious individuals. You would have been better off calling this “how to make some money while getting your name out.”

  8. ithree6mafia says:

    thank you 🙂

  9. Nicolas Almazan says:

    Almost the same intro as JaredPolin and the same music as DigitalRevCom.. but i like the video… 😉

  10. ithree6mafia says:

    I got mine from walmart. they actually are really good quality though. these were 11×14 and they were $20 each but there was a sale going on and got them for $10 each and I had to buy them.

  11. ithree6mafia says:

    thanks alot:)! i really enjoy your stuff to, its very informative

  12. FirstAna n says:

    HI 🙂 can you please tell me where you got your canvas?? Thank you 😉

  13. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    Good stuff bro! Most people are very unrealistic when they set the prices in the beginning. I started off with 25 bucks when I didn’t even have 1 portrait picture in my portfolio. Now I charge 75 which is not bad but this brings me a lot of referrals and ultimately it leads to events which is now my bread and butter. You’re doing the right thing. I spotted you on Cazillo’s channel.

  14. ithree6mafia says:

    thank you:)! link in the description

  15. caomingtranhn says:

    I really freaking love your channel, whats your name bro i wanna add you up on facebook!

  16. ithree6mafia says:

    yes really good deal! just make sure the glass is still in good condition and also the aperture ring.

  17. tomtom0088912010 says:

    Nice deal on them canvases

  18. ithree6mafia says:

    yes I didnt realize that till the end of the video :/. Ill show them in a future video though.

  19. irwin770 says:

    we only saw like 1/4 of the canvas 🙁

  20. jh3835 says:

    your pricing is not that bad considering i been shooting for family members for free. thanx a lot for this video, it gives me a idea of where to start charging.

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