Digital Photography Critique #013 – Photography How To What a great set for this weeks Rapid Fire Critique. I really felt that I could sink my teeth into this set of images and gi…

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23 Responses to Digital Photography Critique #013 – Photography How To

  1. BrookLaa says:

    Well interesting to the eye is interesting to the eye – true colour or not.

  2. Sspeedyme says:

    She is really cute by the way …lol

  3. panlannen says:

    The guy you’re talking about is Esher :)

  4. Mindtraveler3 says:

    Can’t blame Canon for “weird muted color” especially if shot RAW. I’m on the fence about converting to B&W it’s the most accepted way of saving a color shot that the photographer screwed up. Sometimes the color just looked that way.

  5. hrshycro says:

    …no that’s a girl; that’s a nice skirt, by the way.

  6. Ahmad M. Hailan says:

    Jared could you tell me plz how to upload my pics for you to have lock and Critique them?

  7. benedictsalvacion says:

    how do we send photos for critique?

  8. SlowChillMusic says:


  9. martinaee says:

    FYI for everybody …. the “D50” (not the Nikon camera (lol my other camera actually) ) is actually referring to the theoretical source of visible light with a profile used. AKA it’s referring to the icc profile’s Kelvin color temp when he was editing. D50 is ~5000k and D65 is about 65000k. I set my monitor pretty much right in between those two.

    Look up standard illuminant on Wikipedia.

  10. Will Hammonds says:

    You talk about HDR a lot. Could you possibly tell us how to do HDR in post-processing? It would be a good video if you haven’t already posted one.

  11. Jared Polin says:

    havent had a chance to do them lately but there coming. 

  12. Conor Hildebrandt says:

    what happened to the skype calls ? i really liked watching those

  13. So0001me says:

    hi jared, I’m having a trouble determining the proper f stop to use, and most of the time I leave it wide open !! because it always seem proper !! I understand the depth of field thing, but any advice for that !! thank you

  14. Something Useful says:

    Cool to see another rave photographer!

  15. niv zigdon says:

    could you ask the photographer why the small apertures? could be interesting….

  16. Jan Erik Edvartsen says:

    Stay away from women. They’re poison!

  17. froschi says:

    70% of the time jared recommend to edit in b&w -lol

  18. geomox4 says:

    He has both Nikon and Canon shots.

  19. Jared Polin says:

    not married no.

  20. Petar Milevski says:

    Maybe he used a tilt-shift on the f11 one…

  21. rhowell5 says:

    Yeah Jared……I like her skirt too ;)

  22. Zelin Xu says:

    Patrick is a great photographer

  23. Nicholas Erwin says:

    He was using the 18-200 VR lens.

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