Digital Photography 101 with TigerTV Host Logan!

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25 Responses to Digital Photography 101 with TigerTV Host Logan!

  1. talldude123 says:

    Then use the Mode button

  2. TheRam says:

    Fucking Logan ahahhahaa

  3. Eduardo Necesario says:

    what if my camera don’t have wheel?

  4. First Photography Tips says:

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  5. R0WD1E says:

    Thank you for posting this tips.

  6. prootas says:

    Simple and Informative unlike the other. It only takes 7minutes and 38 seconds to learn photography in this video. It helped me a lot as a beginner. thank you!

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  8. ABDUL ASIF says:

    really informative video.thanx logan

  9. CamaraMountClamp says:

    Very Informative

  10. amandaladkak1 says:

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  11. avallonmist says:

    What a fantastic tutorial!!! You’re the first person who’s ever been able to explain all of this to me in such a concise yet un-condescending manner…Thanks!

  12. dirt232323 says:

    informative vid. thanks!

  13. MDSKILZZ1 says:

    Thanks so much I knew what shutter and iso and apeture but just didn’t know how to use it
    Finally know how thanks alot

  14. tooclumsydragon says:

    my daughter will love this vid

  15. MrCanonpowershot says:

    This was so helpful-awesome! I hope they have more videos like this!

  16. Emmanouil Michalakis says:

    What kind of camera is that? I want it!

  17. CaptainD1ck says:

    Wow, I had no idea my £10 easy share did anything more than standard point and shoot, I was going to buy an slr to do this stuff. Cheers mate, great video!

  18. gdfgdfdfd says:

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  20. fortunatebyword44 says:

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  22. Ariff Aizad says:

    Thank you….
    now i can take a good pictures for my older sister wedding….

  23. Kanmi Ojuri says:

    I just Favorited this Video, it definitely explains what you need to know

  24. Corpor3aL says:

    your sound is annoying panning left and right all the time..

  25. typecastaaron3 says:


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