How To Do Landscape Photography There is so much to talk about on the subject of how to do landscape photography. Lighting, colour, d…
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  1. mollie lister says:

    Its intresting to learn about this 🙂 i love this type of photography the
    best capturing lots of beautiful moments

  2. Amy R says:

    Jim, thanks for your comments. In order to get good details, I assume you
    mean sharpness in the details, is to keep the camera still and use the
    appropriate aperture for the scene you are shooting. A lot of people get
    caught with that. The longer away your subject is from your camera the
    focal plane needs to see where this is. If your subject is not on the focal
    plane then things will look blurry. Try using a small aperture (big number)
    for all your landscapes. Best of luck 🙂

  3. Pablo Contreras says:

    Hello Amy, this is the best explanation about landscape photography I’ve
    seen. Been browsing so many videos about the subject that I lost count and
    none of them go straight to the point as you do. THANK YOU so very much for

  4. Amy R says:

    You can do a couple of things to prevent this. The first is to expose for
    the white clouds only. This will keep the details in the white clouds.
    Alternatively you can exposure bracket 3 to 5 photos and create a HDR
    photo. Or you can reduce the brightness in Photoshop or Lightroom. You can
    also use the graduate filter tool in Camera Raw and Lightroom. So there you
    have lots of options 🙂

  5. Bandula Wijesiri says:

    Very helpful explanation. It could be really helpful to me. Many thanks for
    your posts.

  6. Merseybeat64 says:

    very informative. thank you

  7. Jim Huntsman says:

    thanks amy really good, i got a 400d canon camera, when i get the chance i
    love to take landscape but still learning, my problem is how to set up my
    camera to take good details in my a link to some of mine
    please me know what u think..thanks jim. its in face
    book a page call stenhousemuir scotland photos

  8. chilloutloungeme says:

    Hi Amy thank you for this vid its really helpful .. but can you pls tell
    me the settings that u used for the sunset pic @ 3.59 ? . thanks

  9. Amy R says:

    You are most welcome. The details for the photo of the sunset behind the
    tree is: Canon 500D, 1/100th of a second shutter speed, F8, ISO 400, 24mm.

  10. TheRchelicopter says:

    How do you keep the clouds from being whited out?

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