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23 Responses to Photograph Your Car Like a PRO | The List | Autoblog

  1. Sephirth0000 says:

    I was expecting a photo techniques and not washing techniques.

  2. Traian Constantin says:

    my thought at the end : “ooh, so that’s why it has more dislikes then

  3. Maurice Etoile says:

    This should be renamed “CLEAN your car like a pro”!

  4. subyello says:

    Total crap. What a waste of time!!!

  5. Ryan Thompson says:

    And that photograph looked like shit lol

  6. jandira valverde gamboa says:

    lame video….

  7. Ryan Thompson says:

    Wow.. that time will never be recovered. Thank you for wasting it.

  8. Jesse Leduc says:

    Wow just lost 10mins of my life watching a guy buffing a car.

  9. 3rick512 says:

    Got here from E46 forums!

  10. aram442 says:

    What were the stuff you used? This video was a waste of time :/

  11. ChaseWhoDat says:

    Name of the products?

  12. JustinOval says:

    How to wash your car like a pro and photograph it like an amateur. Meh.

  13. themoonman2012 says:

    The lens he used for this one were soooooooooooooooo wrong way to big

  14. David Escamilla says:

    Wait you can say the Guy has done the photographing not the lady so she
    need to do it too

  15. Cole Cordell says:

    What equipment and products did you use for the detailing??

  16. carspotter11 says:

    I think I missed the photography part

  17. TruthAndMoreTruth says:

    Sorry, but this video sucked.

  18. KARsandJTsUSERNAME says:

    Yeah, this video was really stupid. It’s how to detail and clean your car.
    This shows nothing on how to take good pictures..

  19. Alan Hunt says:

    If he used a wide angle lens the background would be very expansive and
    distracting in the photo. Car photographers typically like to use longer
    length lenses because of the compression they offer.

  20. mliano says:


  21. OCHOinc says:

    This video lacked tons of key points to shooting a car and most of it was
    car detailing….. Horrible

  22. reconteamohio says:

    I wish I could give this two down! Infomercial at best.

  23. bushey2010 says:

    Absolute Joke. Waste of time. I know how to detail my car now though.

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