Northern Lights – Aurora Chasing-how to find & photograph the Northern Lights

We show you how to chase, photograph and video the Aurora Borealis. Our film mixes spectacular footage of one of the one of the most powerful Auroras (the St…

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14 Responses to Northern Lights – Aurora Chasing-how to find & photograph the Northern Lights

  1. Ben Margiotta says:

    We just watched your video… Beautiful photo/videography, clear
    explanations, and excellent production all round. A perfect introduction
    for the amateur enthusiast and aurora adventurer alike. Who’s this amazing
    guy Ben they talk about near the end?;-)

  2. joeyzola says:

    I wish YouTube would allow a video to be used in more than one location as
    a “video response”. My top Aurora video receives about 15,000 hits a month.
    youtube. com/ watch?v=UqnRcYoxK5w (its the one you’ve seen) If you would
    like, perhaps you could include this as a video response on that page. The
    exposure might help a bit and I’m anxious to find a way to help you share

  3. Carlos Pérez says:

    love your vids.. Stupid comment, but it’s true

  4. Jamie Craig says:

    Yeah i have been watching the reports as they come ,another massive solar
    flare this morning ,i took the camera out last night and caught a little
    green glimmer,hopefully catch a winner soon 🙂

  5. Jamie Craig says:

    Amazing video, answered a lot of questions i was looking for ,from Scotland
    ,keep the eyes in the skies,peace

  6. skydivephil says:

    Good luck , looks like this sun spot is throwing out X class after X class,
    surely a matter of time before one makes a direct hit.

  7. skydivephil says:

    Thanks the sun looks pretty active at the moment, but its too much sunlight
    in Scandinavia now, so Scotland might be the best place in the northern
    hemisphere. Good luck

  8. Misakichifan says:

    Wow, I disagree with your videos about religion, but this seems really
    cool. I’m downloading it.

  9. skydivephil says:

    Thanks for the tip; will do. really glad you like it. Btw to answer your
    question about the people that made the video. the 3 people that appear in
    the video made it. but we prefer not to put our real names on youtube.

  10. skydivephil says:

    Not a stupid comment at all, we very much appreciate it.

  11. skydivephil says:

    Thanks for the feedback, the space weather web site is mentioned , but we
    will ammedn the text on top , thanks for the grade.

  12. twistor59 says:

    Looks even more impressive in real time than in the ubiquitous time lapse

  13. skydivephil says:

    Thanks for the kind words, thats a different Ben though sorry.

  14. sammyheartskittys says:

    There is supposed to be an Aurora tonight in America. Keep a lookout!

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