High key photography anywhwere (flash photography tips)

http://dombowerphoto.blogspot.com/2010/10/high-key-photography-anywhere-flash.html Link to the flash http://amzn.to/WM4Opz In this video I show you how you c…

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25 Responses to High key photography anywhwere (flash photography tips)

  1. CG says:

    Gr8 I love your videos

  2. Dombowerphoto says:

    oh tough to remember. but think the shutter was at the fastest for sync
    speed (1/250th) so that any of the disgusting location lights didnt effect
    the image. and aperture was then changed to get the most amount of light
    out of the flashes.

  3. Prabhath MP says:

    Very helpful 🙂

  4. matthew Cardinal says:

    Onya dommie nice vid, sorry if I missed it but what was your camera
    settings. my guess would be 125th of a second at f4.5.

  5. Tony Colon says:

    AWESOME!!!! That’s for the info ….

  6. Tony Colon says:

    Hey Dom I love you videos first off …..now can you answer me this
    question,I own one flash sb600 can’t really afford to many more of them
    right now lol…so if I were to buy say two yougnuo flashes would they work
    in slave modes to the sb600?

  7. mohamed issa says:

    Great thanx

  8. Dombowerphoto says:

    it is the same thing just use external flashes as slaves, you can get very
    cheap ones from yungouo for around 50pounds which are great.

  9. mohamed issa says:

    Hey Dom great vid….anyway as u know most ppl don’t have the expensive
    flashes and equipment that u have so how can u do all that with an ordinary
    camera and an ordinary flash?

  10. ErDerErIs says:

    @ErDerErIs uh, nikon 18-200 ;P

  11. Dombowerphoto says:

    @TasKarp its the auto focus assistant lamp on the camera.

  12. Zeno C says:

    Dom my man! can this be done with one sb-900 in back, an one Continous
    light in front…………….

  13. Snowvdo says:

    Can I accomplish this effect by using only a flash mounted on top of my cam
    and a 250 watt video light shooting at the background?

  14. TasKarp says:

    Hi Dom. Great tutorial. I have been following you for months. I noticed a
    light on the model prior to you firing your flash. Was that the auto
    focus/flash metering light or was that some sort of modeling lamp feature?
    I know by holding the aperture preview button you can get the flash to
    strobe but this was something different. Thanks again for all your
    help/tutorials. Much appreciated.

  15. Lilkiwiguy87 says:

    Uhm, what is with the background?

  16. ManicEightBall says:

    This is a great lesson.

  17. Rabby Calicdan says:

    are you on spot? matrix?

  18. Algirdas Slunksnis says:

    ok background overexposed and RGB 255 so if you print them photos it will
    look bad.

  19. Dombowerphoto says:

    @Law2708 thanks

  20. phunkyboy says:

    awesome area Id love to shoot there.

  21. ArcanePath360 says:

    Fantastic tip!

  22. Dombowerphoto says:

    your built in flash will not have enough power. also a built in flash
    should mostly just be used as a trigger for off camera flashes (check nikon
    cls videos) also your buildt in flash cant go behind the subject and light
    the background and not the foreground.

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