How to Create Repetition in Photography

How to Create Repetition in Photography

Tried this tutorial ? post your shot here: Photography is a marriage of Science and Art. T…
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25 Responses to How to Create Repetition in Photography

  1. Juan Arango says:

    Amazing videos! Thank you!

  2. shadowrao1 says:

    hi…love the videos…just wondering, if there could be any substitute for
    the vellum roll?

  3. martinaee says:

    What brand of tripod is that at about 30 seconds? You don’t see too many
    silver tripods these days 🙂

  4. Robin4friends says:

    nice tripod…

  5. Patrick Coble says:

    Thank you for the excellent videos!

  6. mypawgi says:

    loved it…thanks sir robert

  7. PlatSoul says:

    where can i buy online those paper diffusers? whats the comercial name of
    that paper used in photography so that i can search for it ?

  8. shadowrao1 says:

    @LearnMyShot i ment like any thing we could find in or around the house
    (cause this kind of equipment is hard to come by where i live)

  9. Kyle Felipe Vieira Roberto says:

    Im learning a lot with your videos,,,, congratulations, they r very good….

  10. Lala Mabaso says:

    where can I get that tissue paper?

  11. steamer01 says:

    Another informative and well-paced instruction. Thanks!

  12. LearnMyShot says:

    @PlatSoul “vellum 16lb on the roll by clearprint”

  13. Talal56 says:

    I loved the videos and they are very simple and easy to understand and
    implemnt. looking forward for more.

  14. TechTechTechTV says:

    Thank you so much. I alwayslearn so much when i watch your videos

  15. Denver Skip says:

    You can probably use a thin white bed sheet. I’ve even seen someone use a
    thin white shower curtain.

  16. LearnMyShot says:

    @nnddeerriimm not sure what you mean by 1/1000 frames per second. FPS only
    refers to video/ motion picture. If you are talking about shutter speed
    then to solve the problem you need to increase amount of light or reduce
    shutter speed until you get desired exposure.

  17. BiggerByte says:

    Learnnnnn mah shaaat daaaat caaam

  18. Heinz Santos says:

    Question were do you get your tissue paper..? Thank you

  19. ronnyjosh says:

    Thank you u r awsome

  20. hnef mohmmed says:

    Is it possible to buy a lens for Canon Power Shot

  21. Robin4friends says:

    could you do a video about night shots? would be very helpful…. because
    its snowing out here in holland! and i want to shoot some falling snow in
    the night…

  22. thicvbr says:

    Notifications at 3:34 ? haha Thank you for the video, always very helpful!

  23. warnaks1 says:

    @martinaee because it is made in china.. hehe

  24. chooiimage says:

    So hard to get those tissue paper like you’re using =(

  25. marshallyanda says:

    @nnddeerriimm because you don’t let enough light its too fast try reduce
    your shutter speed and mount the camera in a tripod

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