Better Understanding Shutter Speed – Photography Have you ever had that slight motion blur show up in an image that you wanted to freeze the motion? That is exactly what hap…
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25 Responses to Better Understanding Shutter Speed – Photography

  1. cjgl23 says:

    @jaredpolin, if you only have the kit lens how can you separate the
    foreground from the background in situations where motion is present like
    this photo? I believe his 18-55 kit lens at 55mm the aperture is f5.6. I
    don’t want to go to 18mm for the sake of getting the f3.5 and then crop

  2. DYE9 says:

    How in photo class, our assignment is shutter speed. Thank you for this
    vid! Although I already have an idea on what to do with shutter speed 🙂

  3. DPTape says:

    Invite more photographers or more guests to your videos, those interactions
    make your channel way more interesting, keep on the good stuff.

  4. EthylOH says:

    @getlow1985 I guess the humor was very subtle. A $6000 lens on a D3100? Not
    so much.

  5. AlexCoronaPhoto says:

    And his Giants did go all the way lol You would have owed him the D3s!

  6. Skaterrob15 says:

    @swagonmystep2345 Screenflow

  7. xjr1618x says:

    @movania89 The easiest way to do it is to find your photo in flickr, then
    go to share this, box will open choose grab the html, medium, and BBCode.
    Paste that into your post and the photo will show up! Its much easier than
    uploading directly to jared’s website, since his site only allows to files
    less than 500kb.

  8. OneGuitarGuy says:

    Jared, thanks for the video on shutter speed. I just today had a similar
    issue at the Lingerie Playoffs for the LFL league I was taking pictures of.
    I found the pictures very blurry and ended having to bump to 1600 ISO just
    to get a decent speed to get a good focus. I’ve just recently gotten into
    photography and I’m loving it. I just bought a Canon Rebel T3i with a
    18-55mm and a 75-300. I’m soaking up all forms of knowledge and your
    videos/site are helping immensly.

  9. Eli666Ms says:

    OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u Jar 🙂

  10. aimfight says:

    jared doesnt like the giants? unsub!

  11. HedonistMUBI says:

    This is gr8 thanks.

  12. Michael Sallabank says:

    Looking forward to the book Jared

  13. Jee Doo says:

    Jared!!! you just made everything clear about lowering f stop to bump
    shutter speed!!! i always was wondering about how to freeze image and still
    keep a low ISO… i am surely gonna get your book when it is out!!! keep up
    the great work man!!!

  14. Bao Loi says:

    @CanAvs16 i don’t mean just at concerts, just the concept of the photo and

  15. niv zigdon says:

    @thehouseofnothing i think so…. though i have a 4 yrs old pc (core 2 quad
    with 4 GB of RAM, 3TB WD drive and nvidia 430) and it works just fine with
    lightroom safari and some other stuff opened….that kind of stuff is
    mostly effected by the amount (and clock) of ur RAM, and the white macbooks
    have like between 2 to 4 GB right? should be fine without too many things

  16. Josef Roesler says:

    @jmstew0319 Yeah, that’s not real helpful…I just said it would have gone
    to 2000. His was 160 or so. How is mine the same?

  17. afeklol says:

    @JaredPolin not fair ;(

  18. Bao Loi says:

    How would flash effect this image? Wouldn’t that stop the motion as well?

  19. fizzyfoster says:

    unrelated: when you buy your first ‘pro’ setup (5d mk ii or d700), which
    lens should be bought first… 24-70 or 70-200??

  20. Mat397 says:

    More videos like this!

  21. Mikey Ormerod says:

    @thehouseofnothing He has the 2009 2.8 i7 4gb ram 🙂

  22. Josef Roesler says:

    Why does he need high ISO outside in harsh light? Why is he having such low
    shutter speeds at 200? My D40 would have gone to 2000 at 100ISO.

  23. Wheelcranker says:

    @fizzyfoster buy a fast, fixed focal length. Same price, better lens,
    you’ll be forced to be more creative.

  24. Mathias Barefeet says:

    @swagonmystep2345 He uses Screenflow but if you use Mac you can use
    Quicktime for it

  25. padlockd says:

    @JaredPolin lol, solved that problem! =D Good video, as always!

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