Guide on how to do product photography on the cheap

Kai and Lok get set a challenge to do some product photography on the cheap. They each have their own camera, but they need to get the setup to go with it. U…

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25 Responses to Guide on how to do product photography on the cheap

  1. Saravanan Kumar says:

    If i had caused that mess, i would have been either terrified or pissed !
    Not keep laughing bout it. Oh well, maybe it was funny for him though 😉 

  2. TheMightyKinkle says:

    Kai is a right burp in this video! Poor Lok

  3. William Lovesya says:

    Like most of your video’s but this one kinda sucked..

  4. jeekabnieks says:

    Lok is my favourite human being

  5. DerUnbekannteFremde says:

    i love your videos dude, just how much fun you have.. and on the other side
    you do a very great job in terms of good information and tests on lenses
    and cameras.. 

  6. Eric Belanger says:

    Kai and Loc you are geniuses. Me and my son cant stop watching your vids, u
    crack us up.
    Keep them coming.

  7. Zachary Olechnowicz says:

    You used an iMac for a 25-pound setup?! Where did you find such a good

  8. Nik Lyons says:

    This guy is great!!! Man of wisdom!!! 

  9. David Wittman says:

    HMMM!!…why didn’t you hang a white sheet on the window to soften the
    light from the sun? that would have taken away the harsh lighting and given
    as you say a softer light to the figure! instead of sitting waiting on the
    sun to go down!

  10. Ranil Hettiarachchi says:

    What a waste of Youtube Space -This guy make useless videos 

  11. Jovit diaz says:


  12. John Williams says:

    Was this a video to show us how to make a softbox or to show off your

  13. elberto65 says:

    I have a question on you..pls..pls..pls, you have to answer it, seriously!
    Is there any way just not to see your face on Youtube channel at all? 

  14. Klaren Ghu says:

    Here are the secrets on taking product photography *TrickPhotoEffects. com*

  15. Matias Bontempo says:

    I think this videos are very intresting and informative, but he is not
    funny at all.

  16. Zachary Papenberg says:

    You know, I like the approach this video made. A lot of people look at this
    and get disappointed with what Kai did to Lok and his set, but it just
    exemplifies how spending a small but significant amount of money on
    something and relying on it to be perfect can be stressful, especially when
    things go wrong. It shows that Lok’s alternative works well, but cannot
    compete to the simplicity of going outside with a sheet of white paper in
    the sunlight as what Kai did. Well put together, I learned a lot.

  17. almc2242 says:

    Very disappointing, when you get serious about your work. I’ll come back.

  18. Lowie De Vos says:

    5:00 Fail

  19. Vikram Sharma says:

    Hey Kai lets try be less of an asshole in future…

  20. telepathy90 says:

    this is hilarious lol especially at the endd when the cars kept coming

  21. elijah caballero says:

    kai is like the joker :O

  22. Maciej Ka says:

    nice vid mate!

  23. Videos from Patrik and CuDobh says:

    As a Swede I think it is fab Lok used IKEA-lamps… 🙂 

  24. Joe Francis says:

    Haha so funny. :D

  25. Noah Ratcliff says:

    Hold the phone, Circle K is in Hong Kong? Whaa?

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