help with photography ideas?

Question by O:: help with photography ideas?
i have a final coming up and what it is is to present my self portrait. i don’t really wanna just paste it onto a board and show it, i wanna do something cool. some people were talking about like how i can iron it onto shoes, like white shoes and show it like that or make a game board with me on it. or like… put it on a balloon and take it to class. if you have any ideas pleeeeeeeeeasssseeee tell them to me? it would really help.k thanks:)))

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Answer by PicturePerfectxx
uhm you could make a tshirt. or you could make a magazine cover if you have photoshop..hhmm.. you could make it like an editorial in a magazine..maybe like makeup editorial or an advertisment again with photoshop

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  1. MissyManic says:

    i love the shoe idea! you could put it on anything really, maybe a cereal box!

  2. Jd says:

    if you have access to a projector you could use that

    or you should blow it up on a High quality printer…

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