DOF & aperture made simple

Demystifying DOF and it’s relationship with aperture. Can you shoot landscape at f2.8? Is f64 overkill for macro? All explained very simply. Subscribe – more…
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25 Responses to DOF & aperture made simple

  1. Laurie Callahan says:

    I love your videos but this confused me more, dang. 

  2. water flea says:

    Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science? Excellent
    explanation, the math isn’t that difficult at all, but the only way I know
    to get an accurate measure of the distance to a far object is perhaps to
    use a rangefinder. Is guesstimating good enough in this case for something
    far like a waterfall or a distant building?

  3. junelopez215 says:

    it is math kids…

  4. Rob Burke says:

    hope you make a living off acting in videos because you suck as a
    teacher…you took something SO simple and made it hard for a person to

  5. Sandra Gale says:

    Maximize your Depth of Field #Photographytips 

  6. Matt Granger says:

    @mssissyphancypants your’s is the best advice yet! Yes – so many what
    everything handed to them – there is certainly great value in discovering
    or ‘getting’ something on your own, rather than being spoon fed it and
    never putting it into practice. I hope everyone is out there playing,
    practicing and advancing their skills.

  7. RFDPPproductions says:

    Very helpful and really awesome drawings !

  8. Binoy Mishra says:

    Matt, I have to ask you something. I am a blogger and I often link videos
    from youtube in my posts. My question is can I link your videos in my blog?

  9. Ryan McNeal says:

    Hello, 1st VERY INFORMATIVE tutorial. can u please make another one
    explaining with DRAWINGS, how the angle of the camera affects DOF, or if
    you move the camera to right or left, keeping the same object in focus…
    PLEASE! Practical examples would be very appreciated :'(. 99% of tutorials
    about DOF tell “short f. short DOF, long f. long…” and that’s it,
    nothin’about distance, focal length, AND until nowNONE about the position
    of the camera, how this affects the DOF. U’ve made me 50% happier!

  10. Gunasekhar T says:

    This is a great information Matt. Isn’t it true that that farther we go
    away from the subject, the lesser the details will be? Any simple formula
    to get this DOF on the spot?

  11. Matt Granger says:

    @dachevashe i will put in two links to the video now – the FIRST may help.

  12. David Heaton says:

    how are you calculating you overall dof, is it just with a dof calculator
    app or something or are you actually doing the working out?

  13. Amir Hajdar says:

    Many people ask for a formula…well, apart from the fact that the formula
    is rather complicated to be calculated on the spot, there are many ios and
    android (some free, some paid) applications which calculate this very fast.
    Just do a search on app store for “dof calculator”.

  14. S Dave Haase says:

    Best video yet! More of these please

  15. E-Nonymouse A says:

    Your experiences with D.O.F will vary based on camera body and optics, so
    take this as a rough guide and get out into the field and just shoot
    bunches of pictures to get some hands on results to compare with. If thats
    not your style there are camera apps for mobile devices that help you
    derive D.O.F numbers based on what you input into it as well as many other
    functions. My biggest handicap is my inability to actually tell how far way
    something is so I just guess and take the photo.

  16. Matt Granger says:

    just check a calculator – you can do all the scenarios you like

  17. Filmstudent says:

    I thought you said it’s simple?

  18. Jeremy De Peremy says:

    Your the best Matt! I learned a lot from your videos, and i mean A LOT!
    Thnx for sharing.

  19. Matt Granger says:

    thanks buddy

  20. Paul Goodyear says:

    Great video! Love the drawings made it a lot more down to earth and simply
    to understand. Cheers from Canada, Paul

  21. Mark Jordan says:

    I dont understand the calculations. An 85 mm lens shooting a subject that
    is 100m away gives a DOF of 179m when using f1.4. What is the formula that
    calculated this?

  22. Wonder Around says:

    Have to say this was very informative and cleared up a lot of confusion
    regarding focal length and dof…thx

  23. aquataerra says:

    Once again great video, Matt. Clear and concise. I can feel better photos
    are in my future.

  24. Lalatiana Razafinjato says:

    i didn’t understand anything. is that normal?

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