Fujifilm Finepix X10 Digital Camera: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

Fujifilm Finepix X10 Digital Camera: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV.

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25 Responses to Fujifilm Finepix X10 Digital Camera: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

  1. Sunrazor says:

    The directional button with the rotary around it really sucks. It’s fiddly
    and doesn’t match the rest of the quality feel (imo). Review was

  2. rvdw98 says:

    Why is it that every time someone refers to a lens as being “4 ex”, it
    makes me feel like they’re reading a spec sheet verbatim without
    understanding the underlying concepts? It’s akin to mentioning a “2-slash-3
    double-quote sensor” or an “8-on-its-side maximum focus distance”.

  3. redkidcup says:

    It’s quite expensive in Asia but is the optical viewfinder not accurate? :<

  4. Craig Houdeshell says:

    Mark says the OVF is inaccurate. What exactly does that mean?

  5. Michael Montalto says:

    Not shooting through the view finder would bother me. Man, can Fuji ever
    make a camera that doesn’t have SOME major flaw in it? The x100 has focus
    problems and the x10 has a nearly unusable viewfinder. How is this stuff
    missed during quality control? -mM

  6. Joshua Kleiner says:

    That EXR mode is really neat. If it was a little cheaper I might get one
    but I am still learning my DSLR at this point.

  7. Dante Weston says:

    can someone explain how this is a compact camera. With the lens always
    making the footprint bigger, I’m not sure how to easily carry it other than
    a bag or strap. Not very compact in my mind.

  8. John Bunce says:

    I might have missed it…. stereo microphone or not?

  9. Pavlin Todorov says:

    Nice review, Mark!

  10. WIRTANEN says:

    Good job with the review; liked watching your CreativeLive workshop as well!

  11. scrubbieslider says:

    Great review Mark, as always!

  12. mcatuara1 says:

    @gecmartins I agree.

  13. essellar says:

    @bedbugtrippin To be fair, though, the Leica viewfinder has the same
    parallax problem and doesn’t zoom (the frame lines change size when you
    switch lenses, and their movement only tells you where the subject will
    appear — not how it will relate to the background). It’s not hard to get
    used to a non-TTL finder and make accurate framing decisions — it’s just
    very different from the SLR experience.

  14. pcfreak1992 says:

    @3107210748 0:17 he says “retails for 600 dollars”

  15. barba rossa says:

    dont forget to mention it is black.

  16. Jim Egerton says:

    You made up my mind. After researching every confounded mirrorless camera
    out there I gonna get this one as my walk around street camera. Thanks, Mark

  17. Snakekilla12 says:

    get a T3i….

  18. Shaun Daskam says:

    @dombowerphoto Hey its Dom! I just watched your vid on the Samyang 85mm
    f1.4! thats a terrific lens for the price. Cheers!

  19. Ikaika Arnado says:

    I disagree that the viewfinder is worthless. You have to adjust for the
    parallax, which is the issue for every rangefinder type camera. Once you
    figure it out it is simple.

  20. Tarik BumpinAce says:

    “It does all kind of things!” Oh Really??

  21. Andres De Moya says:

    What about the price?

  22. Jeremy D says:

    Nice job. So many guys just seem like they’re reading the spec sheet and
    haven’t shot the camera extensively, but you pointed out the high AND low
    points. It’s a shame about the viewfinder; there’s not much point it
    shaping it like a Leica M if one can’t use the viewfinder. May as well be
    brick-shaped, just like the rest of them. 😉

  23. RaGeTheMaGnificent says:

    i was just about to say the same thing! Haha, thought I was going crazy

  24. derekdk2 says:

    What do you think about the issue of “white disc effect” of this camera?
    When you shoot light with dark background.

  25. Randolph Reyes says:

    Very informative presentation. 🙂 Now I am really convince to buy this

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