How to Set Your Camera’s White Balance – Photography Quick Tip #13 White balance is super easy to set. Watch …

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  1. Gregory Cazillo says:

    SUPER QUICK TIP today on White Balance #dslr #whiteblance #cameras

    How to Set Your Camera’s White Balance – Photography Quick Tip #13

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  2. Tristan Van der Wereld says:

    Are those expodiscs useful at all assuming one shoots raw?

  3. Gregory Cazillo says:

    nope, see my early videos and post on the website. he decided he didn’t
    want to work with me.

  4. Maxsdiscos says:

    @risbill1 food for thought Bro

  5. Gregory Cazillo says:

    When shooting just use auto iso, then adjust in post. I like my photos a
    little warmer so I will increase the settings a bit higher when editing.

  6. No1EvrRelyDies says:

    just like video editing.. we can shoot and record flat = less color.. with
    RAW its auto.. but yes ALL color specs can be taken care of in post.

  7. Zeno C says:

    Thanx greg, good input.

  8. Raymond Isbill says:

    @Maxsdiscos Mine is about the same. AMD Turion 64 2.0 GHz Single core CPU,
    2GB DDR SDRAM and a 60GB HDD. If you are using it for everything then you
    may just need to bite the bullet and get a new laptop. Then just use one
    for photo processing and the other for everything else. You can get a good
    laptop quad core and all for around $400. I use my ACER A500 for everything

  9. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Oops white balance! Yes!

  10. djlaxa says:

    3 screens, because 1 is too mainstream :))

  11. Gregory Cazillo says:

    @StevenGraaf Agreed…I only use my gray cards in the studio or product
    shoots which color accuracy is a high priority.

  12. Nicholas Erwin says:

    I see you have the Lexar Professional USB 3.0 reader on your desk.. I have
    one and love it! What do you think about it?

  13. dukoduli says:

    @ablundon pentax, shpentax get a proper camera..:)

  14. Nicko Dim says:

    Well I was thinking about printed actually.Also I am wondering if you use
    the same images on printed versions as on your electronic portfolios.
    Thanks 🙂

  15. thebluecollargeek says:

    Sooooo, Let’s see a video on how you would set your white balance on
    multiple images! I’ve done it before but I would like to see your approach!
    BTW – Thanks for your continued help with the photography community! When
    are we gonna do another Skype call?

  16. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Yes, of course. Just change your white balance.

  17. Gregory Cazillo says:

    There is no ‘chance’. Best way to get accurate color is with RAW and color
    calibrated monitors. Then if you need it add in a color checker chart, even
    then I still shoot auto wb and apply the chart’s values in post.

  18. Gregory Cazillo says:

    @AF0093 Sounds like he is too scientific and not very artistic. I worry
    about how an image looks (by LOOKING at the subject when I’m shooting)
    rather than concentrating on the science of it. IMO that is TMI and a waste
    of your time. He/She should be spending more time on the art of photography
    and developing your individual photographic style which actually matters.

  19. Gregory Cazillo says:

    @PotheGura Disagree! In order to get accurate WB you need to use a gray
    card or color checker chart. Custom white balance is such a waste of time
    unless your lighting scenario doesn’t change at all. If you are shooting in
    mixed lighting conditions the WB will change constantly.

  20. Gregory Cazillo says:

    @runmaximus Bottom line to me is my interaction with the client. If I’m at
    a wedding or portrait shoot I have enough going on to keep everyone
    interested to custom white balance for each new setup. Its super easy to
    apply settings to multiple images in LR…

  21. Maxsdiscos says:

    @risbill1 1.6ghz (single core) CPU, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 80GB HDD (nearly full). I
    use the laptop for everything, and when attempting to process a RAW file,
    the machine’s fan(s) kick in, and it takes time to load, probably about 10
    seconds latency between when I apply the change and when I see it.

  22. Gregory Cazillo says:

    @thebluecollargeek Believe me I’ve tried both ways. Its just not worth the
    wasted time. EVERY scene change or angle change requires a new custom white
    balance which is such a hassle. IMO shooting ‘thousands’ of images at a
    single wedding is spraying and praying. Its quite easy to apply changes to
    multiple images in LR vs missing many more amazing photos and expressions
    during a wedding!

  23. jameslcr says:

    whats the lights under your desk the orange ones?

  24. පොතේ ගුරා says:

    Not a good tip,using auto white balance is ok for most of the times,but if
    you want to get the correct,natural white balance you shoud use custom
    white balance settings.

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