How to Make a Lightbox to Photograph Food : Tips for Photographers

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22 Responses to How to Make a Lightbox to Photograph Food : Tips for Photographers

  1. Vijay Sharma says:

    nice idea

  2. GKOBE says:

    1:03 A-háááá!!! He was eating the model! =)

  3. Arc Ads says:

    hey you , you got one up here 😀

  4. FengL0ng says:

    Since proper lighting is not important and ceartainly not difficult at all
    just let me show you how to craft a cardboard box instead. Have a nice day!

  5. Cagey75 says:

    The funny thing about stuff like this is he never mentions the strong
    lights you’re going to need to light it up nicely. You’re talking 3 lights,
    whether flashes or constant white lighting. $10 … aye

  6. Manolete Cienporcien says:

    Hello, can you tell me who sells one of these for eight pounds¿?

  7. Michael Wynne says:

    Head down to the corner store!

  8. jane ashley says:

    $10.00 ???? (2+2+2+3 = 9) You can pick a box up anywhere at no cost – try
    your local supermarket Tissue $1.00 Hot Dollar Card $1.00 Hot Dollar about
    2c for the amount of sticky tape used Very easy to make too

  9. jyothirmayi rallapalli says:

    Muslin.. cloth

  10. Journey The Outdoors says:

    0:20 did he say you need a Muslim???? I dont know any, what am I gonna do

  11. Thomas Larsen says:

    Would like to see some results, not just the tutorial tips by itself. Yes i
    saw what you did and Im sure that the result was outstanding, but show it!

  12. Stuart Marriott says:

    got mine on ebay for £8 with free delivery. search for ‘photo tent’

  13. lakolibri says:

    I think, he meant muslin

  14. Gbatman says:

    Dude dan is fucking hot

  15. Jessica Hooley says:

    Hahaha he said muslin! The fabric 🙂

  16. jovenata says:

    Thanks Dan for sharing this simple and wonderful technique! I am going to
    make this 🙂

  17. Kurnia Lim says:

    it’s a muslin, go googling for muslin fabric

  18. Stuart Marriott says:

    Box = £2 Tape = £2 Card = £2 Tissue sheets = £3 Total £10 Or ……. you
    can just buy one on ebay for £8.

  19. ArtistWoOoOo says:

    He is beautiful ^_^ and that was great

  20. Noé Borges says:

    Buen truco para Tomar Fotografías modo profesional How to Make a Lightbox
    to Photograph Food : Tips for Photographers

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