5 Responses to How to Set Up Your Photography Website & Logo

  1. Harvey Freedman says:

    I am starting a wedding business from scratch and want a website to use for attracting business, i am based in Turkey and want to encourage couples to come to the sun from the UK to get married, can you make any suggestions to assist me, i have attended a wedding photography course and have the models pictures that i took whilst there, but i don’t have the complete story, cutting the cake, group shots etc, how can i go about overcoming this,
    many thanks
    best regards

  2. XXLoveoneanother says:

    Place* not make …. Sorry

  3. XXLoveoneanother says:

    What’s the best make it get photos printed for costumers??

  4. Team Photo Booth says:

    Can you do a video on marketing, branding, and selecting a name for your photography business. I am currently using Jackie Spellen Photography. The website is still under construction. I take pictures at event and I have my client go to jacknthephotobox for now. That site will be my photo booth building website. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks Sisters!

  5. Arief Nita says:

    Anyone tried the Hostgator Webhosting? I’ve heard many amazing things about it and my buddy told me that you can insert this exclusive coupon (HGCOM25OFF) when you register to get 25% off their hosting plan.

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