Family Day event photography theme?

Question by treenotforest: Family Day event photography theme?
I am working on a photography theme for our church Family Day. We are giving out disposable cameras and they theme will be on the invites and promo material. I need a really cool title though….I need suggestions. I was thinking “Picture Day” but that’s a little too lame.

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Answer by lissie
Making Memories Day!

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  1. milcdud01 says:

    you look just like me!! lol

  2. Mr Tre Dawg says:

    What kind of promo materials are you giving out?

    What theme are you working on?

    Based on the info you gave us, I would say, “Family Photo Day” or “Make it Last Forever”.

  3. Dustin W says:

    the amazing art of pictures

  4. says:

    Maybe something like “God remembers everything, but we can use a little help. Make memories.”.

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