Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 34: Easy Product Photography

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 34: Easy Product Photography

In this episode Mark will show you how easy it is to use a light tent to get nice product pictures.

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25 Responses to Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 34: Easy Product Photography

  1. SuperLumberjock says:

    The question was inexpensively. Let’s see Canon camera = $2000. Lens
    20-70mm f2.8 = $2500. 2 Canon flashes $1000. Pocket wizards = $800. Let’s
    not forget SD cards and Adobe Lightroom to process images taken. And then
    you have that “tent box”. That is one “inexpensive” and “easy product

  2. Tamieka Hall says:

    Hey Snapfactory, I know this is an old vid, but what kind of light tent
    would you suggest, 4 years later?!

  3. Elle Icon says:

    Inexpensive? No.
    Easy? No.

  4. Aris M Daryatmo says:

    Buat belajar photo product basic pake light tent

  5. JerzZDog says:

    I can see your reflection in the product.

  6. Eduardo Alarcon says:

    When you want to have white background for cutting; what do you think is
    better? over exposure or setting a light pointing toward the camera lens?

  7. theo sudarja says:

    good idea.. is it thick plastic? but do you have enough light through? this
    is really interesting option.

  8. Fryer says:

    @errorrestricted of course you can, just surround product with normal
    office paper and use flashesh. but you need softbox or an umbrella to
    achieve soft light.

  9. hurriedtempo481 says:

    Very informative for a newbie like me. I also get some good pointers from
    thephotographyclinic (.) com

  10. zukumoko zu says:

    i believe you can make that thing yourself just by using a box and a couple
    sheets of paper. i saw how someone did that.

  11. dixgg says:

    how can you tell from the histogram how many stop that you are underexpose?

  12. MarlowWhere says:

    Good Lord. Why are so many photographers so badly dressed?

  13. snupcho says:

    @dixgg Experience 🙂

  14. Andrea Roe says:

    What brand is this tent?

  15. Manuel Will says:

    According to this video there is actually no way to do product photography
    without this tent.

  16. PHotographish says:

    I guess, I have to buy one of these !!!

  17. NoDmgProduction says:

    4 episodes in a row. cool

  18. Joel W says:

    which tent is this?

  19. jerseyman9080 says:

    I bought small white box from Kmart its about 2 x 1 1/2 ft and its
    perfectly great easily i can fit lights, white sheet and any tile or
    shining surface and its just only for $6.24

  20. Manish Manchanda says:

    very nice video ,plz mail me some df tutorial

  21. en anden says:

    i want this light tent thingy 🙂

  22. Luis Mendoza says:

    thats true 🙂

  23. Andrey Lorenzov says:

    10:14 haha

  24. Evelina Thelander says:

    hahaha i found a much cheaper option 😀 IKEA sells white laundry baskets,
    that work just the same way (!) go get one 😀

  25. Ramón Enrique Méndez Yáñez says:

    Hey Mark, it looks uncomfortable..

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