Aperture value chart?

Question by quinny_penny: Aperture value chart?
Hi , so I’m having difficulties deciding on which f stop number to pick
like I would chose the larges aperture value possible for macro shots and portraits …. I’m just so lost >.< . what aperture is good for like landscapes,group shots...etc Can you like give me ( or link me) like a table of different occasions and which aperture is needed to be used when shooting those occasions? thanks alot please help ;:D Best answer:

Answer by Marco T
Theory says that the best aperture a camera works is around 7.1-11.
That’s the range the camera makes sharpest pictures. That’s what I’ve been told.
I use usually 7.1 or 8.

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  1. screwdriver says:

    You need to learn about Depth of Field here are a few of tutorials.




    You’ll see why theres no such thing as a ‘fit all situations’ chart.

    Basically if you want everything from a few inches from the lens to the horizon (landscape) then use the smallest aperture (largest f number) you can, if you want to throw the background out of focus (portrait) select the aperture that just gives you the DOF that keeps your subject in focus.

    Your distance from the subject alters DOF too, the closer you are the less DOF the further away increases DOF.

    Aperture priority is probably the best setting on the camera if you have it.

    If your still confused I would suggest a basic photography course.


  2. dms47949 says:


    I think this is what you are looking for.

  3. water_skipper says:

    Try it! Just take a bunch of identical pictures with the extremes and moderate values of aperture. For example, I have a cheap zoom lense that can go from about f/4.8 to f/22. I took pictures at f/4.8, f/22, and several in between. The look closely at the pictures. What settings were YOU happy with? They’re your pictures!

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